Are you a Good Witch or a Bad Witch? The Oz Make-up Roundup


by Angela Dahl (@AngelaDahling)

No need to click your red heels three times to  get what you want, my pretties; Oz the Great and Powerful has partnered with some amazing beauty brands  to create products you need to go good or bad.

Urban Decay has released  two palettes for two of the Oz witches: Glinda and Theodora.  Each  palette comes with six full-size refillable eyeshadows, a travel-sized  eyeliner, and a glossy lip pencil all for $49.  This is actually  a wicked value.  Urban Decay is considered a “prestige cosmetic  brand,” so, for example, one eyeshadow by them is $18.  And you’re  getting six here!  Along with two other products!  I’m one  of those shoppers who always pays attention to the value of a product,  and you’re definitely getting a lot for your money with these two palettes.

The purpose of each palette  is to duplicate the look of the desired witch.  You get a “look  card” in the packaging that tells you how to achieve the witch’s look  step by step, with a picture of the actress on the other side.   The Glinda palette houses more cool-toned colors: a bright pink, a dark  purple, a light peach, a smoky gray, an iridescent white, and a duo  that has half a gold glitter and half a silver glitter.  Though  the Glinda colors are certainly inspired by her, if you really pay attention  to Glinda’s look in the movie, none of these colors are actually suitable,  except maybe the peach.  Glinda’s eyeshadow look is much more natural,  with maybe a light brown in the crease and highlighting under the browbone  and in the corners of the eyes.  However, the lip color that comes  with the palette is spot on.  It’s a spellbinding natural pink  that definitely looks like what Glinda’s wearing.  I’ve had that  color with me at all times since I bought it, as if it were my magic  wand.  You can’t separate me from it!


The Theodora palette is much  more suitable for actually replicating the look from the movie.   It has warm-toned colors: a pale vanilla, a medium brown, a charcoal  brown, a deep shimmery brown, a duo of greens, and a duo with a half  a gold glitter and a half a black glitter.  You could do a Glinda  and Theodora eyeshadow look with this palette, to be honest.  The  “Theodora” lip color is magical.  I don’t know about you guys,  but when I watched the movie, I spent equal parts of time squeeing at  Finley and trying to figure out what red lip color Mila Kunis was wearing.   This bright red is pretty perfect.  On the whole, I would recommend  the Theodora palette more than the Glinda palette if you’re looking  to replicate their actual looks, but the packaging for both is beautiful  and functional.  When you’re finished with the limited edition  shadows, you can purchase other Urban shadows and pop them in, so you  don’t waste all that pretty.

OPI has launched a collection  based on Oz as well.  I always enjoy purchasing OPI polishes because  the quality is good and the names are clever.  “What Wizardry  is This?” is such an example.  It’s basically the question you’ll  ask yourself while applying this color: an olive green almost deep brown  that dries with a sand texture and glitters gold.  Brown is not  normally a color you associate with nail polish, but this one is actually  quite special.  It’s witchcraft is what it is, and the standout  color of the collection.  The other colors “I Theodora You,”  “ Don’t Burst My Bubble,” and “Glints of Glinda” are all soft  neutrals that are lovely, but you can probably find or already have  dupes for them.  Out of all the glittery topcoats, “Lights of  Emerald City” is definitely the most special.  It has large white  squares mixed with smaller iridescent squares, which is something I  haven’t seen before.  Don’t even bother with “Glints of Glinda”  because the large gold hexagons don’t lie flat and have annoyed every  nail polish blogger.  It was definitely an interesting choice on  OPI’s part to have the Oz collection feature so many neutrals when the  movie was packed with so many vivid colors and images, but the quality  is certainly there.  And I suppose if the witches in the movie  were to get manicures (maybe another job for the flying monkeys), they’d  use these types of colors.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars 

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