Archer: The Wind Cries Mary


By Alex Hall (@AlexKHall)

After a season premier full of intelligent humor and the same old Archer charm, this week’s episode was a bit less epic but still solid in many ways.

The episode opens with Mallory explaining to all Isis workers that it’s once again time for peer review sessions, much to the delight of Pam and nobody else. Mallory then proceeds to tell Archer that she’s just gotten word from rival agency Odin that his former best friend, Lucas Troy died in a plane crash.

Troy has never been mentioned in the Archer series up until this episode, so the showrunners decided a little flashback montage of the two’s friendship was best to fill in the gaps for the audience. It’s also revealed that everyone else at Isis had a running joke that Troy and Archer were gay for one another due to the amount of time they spent together.

Archer is devastated by the news that his former best friend has died and it’s believed that Troy had killed his fellow Odin agents and fled during his last mission. Unable to accept what looked to be hard evidence of Troy’s death, Archer drives to the plane crash site in Vermont to investigate.

This whole sequence of events leads to some great one-liners and even a little character development. When Archer explains his mom always hated Troy and any of his friends, there’s a brief flashback to Archer sitting alone on some bleachers with a lacrosse stick. Obviously Archer is a show about comedy and pushing that line of comedy but it’s nice when we get these little moments of development from time to time as well.

As for the jokes, Archer has this moment in his car where he’s trying to think if Vermont would have liquor stores, to which he concludes “of course it does, it sucks there.” Just a great little dig and quip that helped make the scene that much more interesting.

Of course Lana is sent to bring Archer back once Isis figures out what he’s up to, which leads to Cyril tagging along to finish their peer review. The peer review serves as a vehicle for Cyril and Lana to make fun of one another, as things obviously go wrong during their trip to Vermont. For example, Lana has this line when they’re under fire and running where she says “co-worker sucks at running: strongly agree,” referencing Cyril’s lack of stamina.

Once they all get to Vermont, Troy eventually explains to Archer that he wants to open up a bed and breakfast with him and that he is in fact gay for Archer. Troy also tells his former friend that he did in fact kill his fellow agents on the mission and faked his own death in the plane crash.

Meanwhile, Lana and Cyril are discovered trying to breach the bed and breakfast and Troy attempts to murder them both. Eventually, Lana, Cyril and Archer get the best of Troy, with Lana collapsing a tree on top of Troy, killing him in the process.

The episode had some great banter with Cyril and Lana and some great little moments with Archer and his former best friend. The one glaring issue I had with the episode was the fact that Lucas Troy died at the end of the episode. I just think his character was interesting enough where he’d be a fun character to bring back from time to time like the show has done with Barry. Overall though, it was a decent episode that could have been great with a bit of tweaking.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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