Almost Human Two-Part Premiere Recap


By: Haylee Fisher (@haylee_fisher)

Almost Human was one of the most-hyped new shows of the season, so when its launch was bumped back a week, I was none too happy. But the two-part premiere was well worth the wait.

Part one of the show introduced us to John Kennex, a cop in future-Los Angeles. While in a shootout with some bad guys, his partner is killed and he himself loses a leg. To recover, he undergoes a dangerous form of regression therapy to try to help him recall that traumatizing event that put him in a coma for 17 months.

He also yearns for his ex-girlfriend, who went missing after his accident. He spends his days popping pills and cursing his android prosthetic leg. But soon he is called back into duty when his boss wants him to help take down a crime organization called The Syndicate. There, he learns all human officers have now been required to have an android partner, which Kennex hates. In fact, he pushes his partner out the door of a moving vehicle! He is then paired with a DRN, or Dorian, model, which displays more emotion than the current MX-43 counterparts.

Because of that, they are more human-like, which Kennex doesn’t appreciate. That is, until the two investigate a crime carried out by The Syndicate and when Dorian saves Kennex’s life during a therapy session. Then Kennex doesn’t think Dorian is too bad. In fact, it looks like this relationship might just work out.

In part two, Kennex and Dorian dive into the world of sexbots. Yes, sexbots.

After a sexbot is kidnapped from a hotel room and then a human woman is abducted from a parking garage in front of her son, they figure out a sexbot company is harvesting human skin to make their products more authentic.

After intercepting a car with a human-skinned sexbot named Vanessa inside, they link her to some Albanian bad guys who are behind the skin lab. However, the police can’t figure out where the lab is, but Dorian has an idea. He gets Rudy, the police’s android expert, to plug into Vanessa’s memory and see where she was first activated. It works and the police are able to shut down the lab and arrest its leader. They were also in time to save the kidnapped woman and reunite her with her son.

The episode ends with two emotional moments, the first being Dorian watching Vanessa’s deactivation. He tells her she’s going to “a better place,” a phrase he learned from Kennex earlier in the episode.

Secondly, Kennex goes to visit the family of his partner that died in the raid that cost him his leg. He tells his former partner’s son that he wants to tell him about his father.

So far, because of the androids and other high-tech elements, the show has been different than a standard police procedural. I do hope they stray from the “baddie-of-the-week” format in later episodes and bring in an overlying arc to the story. It will be interesting to see how Kennex and Dorian’s relationship grows and develops and I can’t wait to see more.

What did you think of the two-part premiere of Almost Human?

Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (Yes, I’m being persnickety.)

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