Agent Carter Episode 4 Recap: The Blitzkrieg Button


By: Haylee Fisher (@haylee_fisher)

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Agent Carter is halfway through its initial run and it’s now becoming more and more clear to Peggy who is trustworthy and who is not. In doing so during this episode, the show took a break from its typical amount of Peggy fighting and taking down bad guys to shaking her up emotionally and questioning why she is doing the things she is and for the people she’s doing them for.

The episode saw the return of Howard Stark, re-introduced when Peggy and Jarvis go to rescue him from goons smuggling him back into the country. Stark didn’t seem worried, though, as he had done up his shipping crate to resemble a billiards room. It turns out Howard is back in town because he needs Peggy to find out what tech of his the SSR now has after Peggy discovered them in the last episode. There’s one piece he’s particularly interested in and he needs Peggy to steal it back for him.

He calls it the Blitzkrieg Button, an object that will take out the city’s entire power grid with no way to get it back. He wants Peggy to replace it with a fake and bring the original back to him. But Peggy is smarter than that – she knows she can’t trust Stark, who escapes from her at every turn to go hook up her neighbors and Jarvis, who is a terrible liar – and her intuition is right.

Lo and behold, the object he had her steal wasn’t a weapon or technology, but a vial of Steve Rogers’ blood. Peggy is rightly furious and believes Howard can’t be up to any good with it. She was also upset with him – this whole time, as she has been working as a double agent, Howard didn’t actually care about his tech, he just cared about the blood and wanted to make sure it was back in his possession.

This discovery rocks Peggy; it’s the biggest emotional moment of the night. Reminders of Steve are never far away in this show, but for Peggy to tell Howard he’s betrayed not only her, but Steve as well, is heartbreaking. She trusted Howard; they were supposed to be partners – along with Jarvis – in all of this. She hasn’t had a partner since Steve and it was obvious she really wanted this to work with Howard. But his selfish attitude (like father, like son, anyone?) may have just cost their relationship after Peggy walks out still holding Steve’s blood.

The subplots in this episode were frustrating if not a little – dare I say it? – boring. First, Agent Dooley goes off to Nuremburg to question a Nazi colonel about to be executed for his war crimes. Dooley wants to learn more about a particular battle, one that not only left hundreds dead, but also – and more notably – the Leviathan agents from the first two episodes of the show. The colonel, Ernst Mueller, tells him there was no battle and that something killed everyone and then disappeared. While this side trip and revelation will no doubt lead to something bigger later, it felt more like a distraction and made me want the action to be back on Peggy.

Back at the SSR, Sousa questioned a homeless drunk man whom he believed saw something at the docks the night Peggy and Jarvis called in Stark’s missing tech. It seems Sousa will never crack him when Thompson strolls in and offers the man booze for his information. This leads to his confession that he saw a well-dressed man and a brunette woman that night. Thompson admits Sousa’s instincts were right and an acknowledgement like that causes Sousa to dig further into a previous investigation – are the blonde woman from Spider’s party in the pilot and the brunette woman the homeless man saw the same person?

When Sousa inevitably realizes they are and that it’s actually Peggy, I hope it leads to a team-up and not a division. I don’t know if I can stand more people stabbing Peggy in the back!

Yet the biggest reveal of the night came in the last few moments. I’ve been saying Dottie was more than she seemed and I was right. She takes down a guy trying to come after Peggy with the same moves we’ve seen Scarlett Johansson use in the cinematic universe and through it we are now led to believe she was part of the Black Widow program, all the more confirmed by the previews of tonight’s episode showing Peggy and the Howling Commandos on a mission in Russia.

This episode and the last definitely felt like “set-up” episodes. They weren’t as action-packed or frantic as the previous ones but were still great hours of TV. No doubt Peggy and the Howling Commandos will offer some excitement and hopefully it will lead to a strong finish to the season.

Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

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