Agent Carter Episode 3 Recap: Time and Tide


By: Haylee Fisher (@haylee_fisher)

Time and Tide was quite the emotional hour of television. It started dry, with Peggy drawing a gun on a strange man outside her window, only to find out he was just there after hours to visit his girlfriend, Peggy’s neighbor, and Peggy deadpanning to him, “Next one over.” It was funny when Jarvis was led away by the SSR for questioning and told them, “Oh, this is novel. I haven’t been in the back of a car for years.” And it was sad when one of Peggy’s fellow SSR agents was killed in one of the final scenes in the episode. Though the episode felt a little case-of-the-week in that it solved the mystery of where Howard Stark’s stolen weapons were hiding, the great highs and lows of the hour elevated it beyond what could have been a filler episode.

As witnessed in the premiere, the show doesn’t shy away from Peggy’s relationships with other women and how all women were treated in 1946. Peggy’s landlady publicly shames Peggy’s neighbor for sneaking her boyfriend into her room, and it’s a speech she seems to have recited several times before. It’s a frustrating scene, but one that was needed to enforce the show’s commentary on women’s limitations during that time period.

The discovery in the last episode of the license plate and bumper belonging to Stark led the male SSR agents (what should we call them, The Three Musketeers? Or The Three Stooges?) to Jarvis. During their questioning, Jarvis’ dishonorable discharge from the military and his escape of a treason charge are brought up. The agents mention his wife and the possibility of deportation, which would have been a bigger and more effective warning if Anna had been more than just a disembodied voice so far. No doubt Jarvis loves her, but I hope we get more proof of it in the future, perhaps in the form of an actual actress for him to act opposite.

Because Peggy is now a double agent, she had to find a way to get Jarvis out of questioning, but in turn made herself look bad. Though it was on purpose, you could tell she just wanted to yell out that she wasn’t stupid and that she did know what she was doing and that she wasn’t an incompetent idiot – I certainly was!

But it wasn’t until Peggy and Jarvis went hunting for Stark’s missing weapons and technology that the episode’s action really kicked in. They find it in a boat by the docks and Peggy wants to call and tell her SSR colleagues what she’s found, thinking they will respect the work she’s been doing, respect her as an agent, and see to it that Stark is exonerated. Jarvis feels differently, though, telling her they will only use this discovery and the fact that she’s been working behind their backs to tear her down.

It’s decided that Jarvis will call in a tip anonymously, but not before Peggy is attacked in the cargo hold. We got to see a glimpse of her fighting style last week, but this week proved she really does take whatever is around her and just hurl it at her opponent. It’s not a sleek way of fighting, but it’s effective. I can’t wait to see what other heavy objects Peggy uses to defend herself in the coming weeks.

Jarvis helps defeat the goon, proving his skills and loyalty, but they don’t have time to kill him before the SSR agents arrive to the scene, only stun him with one of Stark’s weapons. (Remember this; it will come into play later.)

Being that more background information has come out about Peggy’s coworkers – in particular Ray Krzeminski, whom we find out has both a wife and a girlfriend and is not necessarily the sharpest knife in the drawer – and now that we know just how chauvinistic most of them are, it’s surprisingly sad when one of them is killed. Krzeminski was assassinated while transporting the bad guy whom Peggy and Jarvis encountered. The bad guy was also shot, but who did it? Was it an agent associated with Leviathan? Or could it be Jarvis, further proving his allegiance to Peggy? After all, they were nervous to have left the witness behind alive. (I’m 100% sure it was the former, but it’s still fun to speculate, especially within a universe as twisty and turny as that of Marvel.)

Though Krzeminski was never particularly nice to Peggy, his death still affected her. Between the losses of her roommate last week and Krzeminski this week, it proves no one is safe on this show. However, while she wept for Colleen, she seemed to only get teary-eyed for Krzeminski. It shows a lot about her relationships with those gone – the death of a misogynistic man is not nearly as sad as someone close to her – and Atwell’s performance showing the nuances in Peggy’s feelings for the two was beautiful.

Krzeminski’s death also gave Peggy an opportunity to make up with Angie, with whom she had a disagreement earlier in the episode. Peggy went to the diner and told Angie about her day and the loss of Krzeminski and the two made plans to later cheer themselves up with rhubarb pie and a bottle of schnapps. Hopefully Peggy will now open up to Angie and the two can form a stronger friendship. They may need it, especially after their new neighbor, Dottie, moves in. What do we think about her – is she good or bad? Odds are it’s either Angie or Dottie who is more than what they seem and right now, my money is on Dottie. Only time will tell!

Time and Tide was not as action-packed as last week’s two-hour premiere, relying more on emotional moments to make an impact. It didn’t advance the plot too much, but it did fill in some blanks about the characters’ context within the show, which made for a gripping episode. It was a little slower, but just as entertaining as the first two episodes and I’m sad there are only five episodes left!

Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

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