A Fan’s Guide to “Picking Favorites”, Episode 7: Action Heroes Love Directing in the City


By Shannon Fox, @shannonfox

Hello, friends, and welcome back to your weekly recap of the “Picking Favorites” podcast!  If you’re looking for the topics, choices, and information for each episode, this is the place to be! You’ll have to deal with my dorky commentary, as well, but that’s a small price to pay, don’t you think? Wait! Come back!

You can find this week’s episode on iTunes and Soundcloud.

This Week’s Special Guest:

Kyle Newman! (@kyle_newman)


Kyle is a writer, director and producer, best known for his film, Fanboys.  He’s married to actress Jaime King, and has a new film, Barely Lethal, coming out soon.  He also, apparently, has some super-secret music video on the way that’s going to blow all of our minds, but we’ll have to just keep an eye out for that.

You can find out more about Barely Lethal at the film’s website or on Twitter, and Fanboys is available now on DVD or iTunes.


No trailer has been released for Barely Lethal yet, but there is this clip of some audience reactions:

But wait… WHERE IS EVERYONE’S FAVORITE CANADIAN?  Is he wandering around Brooklyn again?  No worries, Tyler fans, he’ll be back soon, but let’s all take an extra listen to the theme song in his honor, okay?


Tyler, very kindly and awesomely, shared his choices for this week’s topics via Twitter this afternoon, so I’ve added them below.  Thanks, Tyler!

And now, let’s get to the topics!

Favorite Action Hero

Kicking ass, taking names, and being JUST the right amount of attractively dirty and sweaty: THAT is the epitome of an action hero.  It’s interesting to me that all of the choices are men over 50; not that they’re not deserving, but does that mean that we’re overdue for a new iconic action hero?  We may not need one, since Tom Cruise clearly does not age.  Look at him, that man is 52 years old and looks younger than I do! I am glaring enviously.


Indiana Jones



Harrison Ford



Tom Cruise


Here’s the interview on “The Late Show with David Letterman” that Razzle mentioned:


Arnold Schwarzenegger


Tyler (via Twitter):

Kurt Russell


Extra Mentions:



Favorite Director

This has been my favorite topic to do a YouTube search on thus far.  And you know what?  I’m just going to totally show my bias here, but you TOTALLY need to watch the Steven Spielberg clip below, even though it’s a bit long, because it might make you cry (if you’re a big ol’ sappy sap like I am).  I think everyone made some INCREDIBLE choices here (though I’m surprised we didn’t get more extra mentions other than Razzle’s quick list, if I’m being honest).  Also, does anyone want to hear the guys’ favorite movie theme choices after watching the videos on this topic?


Steven Spielberg


Chris Nolan


John Hughes


Robert Zemeckis

Tyler (via Twitter):

David Lynch

Favorite Place Where You Lived (For At Least Six Months)

As someone who moved around quite about in the past ten years, I FEEL this topic, you know what I mean?  And the feels just kept on coming with Zac’s response, but I’ll talk about that more below.  It’s funny because everyone finds that place that they love to call home differently- some people grow up there and stay there, others find their way there eventually, and some have to really work to find it.  But I don’t think that anyone can deny how awesome it feels to live in a place that you love.  Home is where the heart is (or, for me, the place where you can order freshly baked cookies at 3 in the morning).

Kyle and Razzle:

Los Angeles, CA



Columbia, South Carolina



New York City


Tyler (via Twitter):

Marina Del Rey


Extra Mentions:

Frick House/Collection

1 East 70th Street, New York


AT&T Long Lines Building

33 Thomas Street, New York



 Random Notes from Shannon’s Brain

  •  If you can take anything away from this podcast as a whole, it is apparently this: GO SEE EDGE OF TOMORROW.  Or Live, Die, Repeat? Whatever.  Go see it.
  • I think we need a drumroll sound effect, because the winner of this week’s “Hey, You’re Awesome” Award is FINALLY Zachary Levi!  Of course it is, after his lovely and oh-so-right words about New York City.  Well said, sir.
  • Yeah, New York is magical.  As I’ve mentioned, I live in Manhattan, and I can absolutely confirm everything that Zac said; it is the city of “did that REALLY just happen?!”.  I mean, yeah, sometimes you say that in reference to something really weird instead of something incredible and amazing, but that just adds to its character.  I love this city so much, so I pretty much had hearts coming out of my eyeballs over Zac’s description of it.  I never, ever want to get to the point where I’m “used” to everything here or take anything for granted.  Living here is the best.
  • How cute was Razzle’s fangirling over Tom Cruise?
  • When something fell off the wall during the episode? That was Tyler.  Somehow.  You cannot convince me otherwise.  I DON’T KNOW HOW HE DID IT.  But it was him (his medium skills on “Deadbeat” must be rubbing off on him in real life).
  • It was really difficult for me to refrain from writing pages-long commentary about all the New York stuff mentioned (Gray’s Papaya, dollar pizza, the musical theater scene, etc.) and arguing that you ABSOLUTELY DO GET THE SEASONS IN THE CITY and CREATIVE PEOPLE COME HERE TOO AND-*sighs longingly*
  • Zac ALSO gets the Quote of the Week: “I just nerded all over my face and I liked it.”  Gross.

That’s it for this week’s recap!  Remember to subscribe to and rate the podcast on iTunes, and send YOUR favorites to @thenerdmachine on Twitter with the hashtag “#PickingFavorites”.  You can also find our hosts all over social media:

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Thanks for reading! See you next week!


  1. saraDecember 17th, 2014 at 12:29 pm

    Only thanks! I’m Italian and your description helps me to understand what they say (unfortunately my English is limping, then excuse) many thanks again …say hello to Zac he’s my favorite actor

  2. skorpeoDecember 17th, 2014 at 5:15 pm

    I’ve had the feeling as of late that the Universe wants me to move to NYC, and Zac’s comments seem to add to that voice in my head. I am a little disappointed San Fran didn’t seem to make anyone’s roster. Spent 8 of th3 best years of my life there. I’ve long thought SF was West Coast’s answer to NYC, but without the…whatever the nice word is for “attitude”.

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