A Fan’s Guide to “Picking Favorites”: Episode 5, Triple Cs: Candies, Comics, & Concerts


by Shannon Fox, @shannonfox

Welcome, friends, to another recap of the “Picking Favorites” podcast!  Every week, you can find each topic and choice mentioned on the podcast here, along with my personal commentary that usually consists of fangirling, loud noises, and comparing people to adorable animals.  D’aawww.

You can find this week’s episode, as usual, on iTunes and Soundcloud.

This Week’s Special Guest

Aisha Tyler!



Aisha Tyler, @aishatyler

She’s effing STUNNING, isn’t she?

Aisha does a bajillion-and-five things.  She is one of the hosts of the “The Talk” on CBS, she voices Lana Kane on the FX show “Archer”, she is the host of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” on the CW, she has a book out called “Self-Inflicted Wounds”, and has an AWESOME podcast called “Girl on Guy” that you can find here.  She also, of course, tours all over the country as a stand-up comedian- you can find dates for her future performances here.  And, I mean, she’s gorgeous and hilarious and a gamer and starting a liquor line and I really like the way she enunciates her words.  Is that weird? That’s weird, let’s move on.

It is a TRANSCONTINENTAL episode this week, with Dave, Razzle, and Aisha in LA while Zac and (eventually) Tyler are in MY neck of the woods- New York!  True story: I panicked a bit when Tyler was missing in the beginning of the episode.  Literally, I was like, “WHERE IS THAT CANADIAN PUPPY?  IS HE STILL HUNGOVER FROM THE LAST EPISODE?”  But no, he just got lost amongst the hipsters in Brooklyn (they make fun of my neighborhood so I can make of theirs, hmph).

Let’s get to the good stuff!

Favorite Candy

Okay, so I’m going to COMPLETELY disagree with Aisha here and say that, as Americans, our candy is totally subpar compared to the rest of the world, but we do make some interesting varieties of it.  And Reese’s Peanut Butter cups are basically my life-source.  As for the discussion about whether Reese’s products have real peanut butter in them? Fun fact: it is NOT peanut butter, it’s peanut-butter-flavored fudge.  I know, your whole childhood is a LIE now, right?!  PS: Are we all agreed that we’re going to go trick-or-treating at Aisha’s house next Halloween? Right then.


Abba Zabba



Reese’s Pieces



Trident O…ri…gin…al???  Oh, honey.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups



Marathon Bar



Ah, Caramel NOPE, CAKE

Skors Bar


Extra Mentions:

Take 5
Favorite Comedian

The fact that the group was able to narrow it down to ONE choice for this topic astounds me.  I love comedians.  I love going to comedy shows and not only hearing some great material, but also hearing the weird but magnificent laughs that some people have.  That all being said, this is a pretty solid list of great and influential comedians, right?  Do yourself a favor and surf through all of their material on YouTube.  I’ve tried to stick to the tamer parts of these comedians’ routines, but you might want to watch out for language in the clips below!


Richard Pryor

Tyler: Mitch Hedberg

Razzle: Steve Martin

Zac: Jerry Seinfeld

Dave/Kentucky: Eddie Murphy

Extra Mentions:

Brent Morin

Eddie Izzard

Favorite Concert

Okay, bear with me, because I’m little excited because this is the FIRST time in my recaps that I’ve been able to use a bit of personal stuff from our beloved hosts!  *throws confetti* See below for that (and witness my researching skills because I was able to get the actual DATES of the shows mentioned.  Listen, it’s the little things in life, okay?).  Anyway, there’s nothing, NOTHING quite like experiencing a stellar live performance.  If only they’d bring down those concert prices, am I right?  No offense to the Rolling Stones (BECAUSE THEY’RE THE ROLLING STONES), but if I’m gonna pay $1200 for a seat at a show, the artist better be sitting in my lap and making me a sandwich, y’know?


August 11, 1996- “Smokin’ Grooves Tour”, Kingswood Theatre, Vaughan, Ontario


April 29-30, 1984- “The Scorpions (with Bon Jovi as the opening act)”, Cow Palace, San Francisco, CA


November 12, 2012- “Mumford and Sons”, Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA


May 15th, 2013- The Rolling Stones, Honda Center, Anaheim, CA

(Also, here’s the Instagram picture Razzle mentioned- his old seats at the Stones show vs. his new seats)

image1 (1)

August 16th, 1991- “Lollapalooza”, Lake Fairfax, VA

Random Notes from Shannon’s Brain

  • LOOK WHO GOT A SHOUT-OUT IN THIS WEEK’S EPISODE!! I am BEYOND honored.  The only problem now is that, if I ever see any of the guys in person, I might need to be physically restrained to avoid tackle-hugging them and smooshing their faces.  But seriously, a humongous THANK YOU to the guys- it is a pleasure and an honor to be your recapper!  Also, this means you ALL win the “Hey, You’re Awesome” Award this week.
  • Quote of the Week: “The Nerd Machine- an empire of shit and nerdiness.”  I want this on a t-shirt, please.
  • I think I may need to have Aisha on my Zombie Apocalypse team.  Just saying.
  • Oh, Zac.  Your Canadian accent.  Consult your wife, please.  Also, Aisha’s comment that the Canadian projects have puppies and rainbows and that the whole country smells like cookies- I believe this whole-heartedly.
  • Aisha’s list of reasons why Dave is called Kentucky kind of made my life, but I feel like she could’ve gone on for a REALLY long time with it, which is both fascinating and hysterical.
  • Did anyone else catch how Zac did not even REALIZE that he said “gnarly” at one point?  Also, he is the ONLY person (other than a stereotypical California surfer dude in movies) that I have heard utter this word EVER.
  • Our hosts are so full of cuddly charm that Aisha ends the episode with repeatedly noting how adorable they are.  D’aaawww.

That’s it for this week’s recap! Remember to subscribe to and rate the podcast on iTunes, and send YOUR favorites, with the hashtag #PickingFavorites, to @thenerdmachine on Twitter. And, since they neglected to mention it in this episode, here’s where you can find ALL of our adorable hosts online:

Dave: Twitter

Razzle: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Zac: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Tyler: Twitter, Facebook

Thanks for reading! See you next time!


  1. skorpeoDecember 3rd, 2014 at 10:38 am

    First of all, great recap, Shans! And congrats on the resounding endorsement on your work, it is well deserved!

    Second, I want to throw a little support to Zac for his first choice of candy; I, too, enjoy the Trident Original (having said that, it IS gum, and has no place in a candy list…but good choice nonetheless).

    Third, Kentucky was kinda given some grief for his mention of the Marathon bar because it was back in the stone ages. Well, I remember it! (Yes, I drove a Flintstone car to school….)

    Lastly, I couldn’t help but notice the fav comedians listed are all individuals who completely shattered the mold when it came to comedy. Eddie Murphy’s “Raw” and “Delirious” were in HEAVY rotation among my friends growing up (the farting in the bathtub, PLEASE!!!!). Even Steve Martin, who seems a bit tame nowadays, was blowing the doors off back in the day. And Richard Pryor, well, that goes without saying.

    Ok, then…I look forward to the next one!

  2. JayneDecember 3rd, 2014 at 11:22 am

    LOVED this episode … (except for the criticism of UK chocolate … 1 chocolate bar does not make or break the whole chocolate experience of the nation!!) 🙂
    Everyone was very funny as usual, and loved Aisha for this episode so I’ll be checking out her podcast in future too!

    For the record Tyler, that introduction music was fabulous, it’s a pity you missed it, but I’m glad you safely made it to the podcast eventually 😉

  3. AndreaDecember 4th, 2014 at 9:09 am

    Awesome podcast guys! Really enjoyed it.
    Aisha is HILARIOUS I love her so much. Great choice for a guest!!
    Keep going like this you uber nerds we love you.
    And btw, no candy in america or the uk will ever top swiss chocolate!
    That’s the real deal.

  4. Emma GibsonJanuary 13th, 2015 at 10:41 am

    Love you guys but UK chocolate is not that bad………… is it………..
    Its not that bad when that’s all ya know 🙂

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