A Fan’s Guide to “Picking Favorites”: Episode 49, Cartoon Characters


By Shannon Fox, @shannonfox


Happy 1st birthday, “Picking Favorites”! That’s right, the podcast is officially a year old, and you know what, guys?  It’s been both an honor and a privilege to be your faithful recapper over the past year, so thanks so much for reading!  But let’s move on from the mush and get down to business.  SERIOUS CARTOON BUSINESS.  SERIOUS “RICK AND MORTY”-LOVIN’ BUSINESS.  WUBBA LUBBA DUB-DUB. (I find it hilarious that a lot of you are not going to understand that reference and think that I’ve finally gone off the deep end.  It’s okay, I’m fine with it.)


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This Week’s Guest:

Mikey Bolts! (@MikeyBolts)




Mikey is a comedian, impressionist, and popular YouTube personality that you might recognize from “The Hacks of Life” theme park clip that was featured a couple of weeks ago for Episode 47!  Check out Mikey’s YouTube channel and make sure you subscribe and like his videos!


Mikey’s Latest Video- “Impressions Challenge 4”


Favorite Cartoon Character

I find it extremely interesting that our nostalgia-loving guys picked all modern cartoon characters for this topic.  Like, where’s the Looney Tunes love, guys?  Regardless, these are great choices, and I’m super grateful that no one chose Spongebob because, I’m sorry, but that show is the poor-man’s version of “Rocko’s Modern Life”.  PASSIONATE CARTOON OPINIONS: I got ’em.



Sterling Archer, “Archer”


Stewie Griffin, “Family Guy”

Cartman, “South Park”


Rick Sanchez, “Rick & Morty”

Extra Mentions:


Space Ghost

“Bob’s Burgers”

“6 Days to Air” Documentary


Homer Simpson


Other Stuff the Guys Talked About


“Rick & Morty”


Hot Rod

“Back in Time” Documentary

Jason Statham in Spy

Gravity Falls


Hank Hill


Random Notes from Shannon’s Brain


  • This Week’s “Hey, You’re Awesome” Award goes to… I was THISCLOSE to giving it Razzle because his Rick impression was SPOT-ON, even next to Mikey, AND because he likes Space Ghost, but I’m actually going to give it to Kentucky because I think his point about focusing more on the art/humor rather than achieving fame is important.  Also, I agree with him that the ORIGINAL Star Wars Trilogy is better than Back to the Future.  Yeah, I said it!
  • I can’t even TALK about the problems I have with Jurassic World.  Literally, I could go on for PAGES, and I won’t submit you guys to that.  But what I WILL say is that the park ITSELF would’ve NEVER gotten greenlit with the sheer amount of security and logistical issues it had.  (That being said, Chris Pratt is an absolute dreamboat throughout the whole thing, so I’m not that fussed.)
  • IF R2 WASN’T IN THE NEW STAR WARS, I WOULD RIOT.  BB8 is cute and all, but… c’mon! IT’S R2D2!!  Also, Kentucky’s theory about Luke is interesting, and it’d be a bold choice for JJ Abrams because I feel like that would be SUPER polarizing to fans.  What do you guys think?
  • Seth MacFarlane’s voice, his NATURAL, NORMAL voice, is just gorgeous.  He’s actually been putting out jazz albums for a few years now and they are totally swoonworthy.  Gimme a guy that can sing a good standard and I’m mush.  (Listen, if Razzle can crush on a different girl every week, I can get a little swoony once in awhile, okay?)
  • The amount of time it took to find a vaguely non-offensive clip of Cartman, guys.  (Truthfully, I wanted to put in a particular song from the “South Park” movie.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, PLEASE LOOK IT UP.  SO FUNNY.)
  • I have to add to the “Rick and Morty” love, because it IS genuinely a really funny show.  But, and I might’ve already mentioned this, proceed with caution with the finale of the second season, because it is SAD WITH A CAPITAL FROWNY-FACE.
  • I just can’t include the trailers to Back to the Future or Star Wars in this recaps anymore, unless they’re a genuine choice for a topic.  They’ve totally reached their recap-inclusion quota, and c’mon- you guys totally know all you need to know about those movies if you’re listening to this podcast or reading this recap, right?
  • This week’s “Did Razzle Mention” (and mentioning “Supergirl” totally doesn’t count because it has to be a DIFFERENT crush for each episode):

RazzleMention (2)

That’s it for this week’s recap! Remember to subscribe to and rate the podcast on iTunes, and send YOUR favorites to @thenerdmachine on Twitter with the hashtag “#PickingFavorites”!

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Thanks for reading! See you next week!

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  1. HeatherNovember 5th, 2015 at 6:34 pm

    Happy podcastiversary!
    Shannon, I always enjoy reading your recaps. You do a great job!
    It’s funny, I kind of thought the same thing that Kentucky said about Luke going to the dark side. But that might be too crazy. Can’t wait to see!
    And apparently I need to start watching Rick and Morty.

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