A Fan’s Guide To Picking Favorites: Episode 41, 80s TV Musicals


By Shannon Fox (@shannonfox)


Welcome back to your weekly recap of the “Picking Favorites” podcast!  WAIT! I should break into song and dance to introduce this!

… you really don’t want me to do that, trust me.  We’ll leave the singing and dancing (and sassing, in Kentucky and Razzle’s case) to our illustrious hosts, okay?


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This Week’s Guest:

Jill Whelan! (@WhelanJill)


Jill is an actress and podcast host that you may know best as Vicki Stubing from the classic television series “The Loveboat”.  She has also appeared in Airplane!, “The Bold and the Beautiful”, and “Celebrity Wife Swap”.  She currently hosts a podcast on the UBN network called “On the Rocks with Jill and Alexander”, which you can find HERE.

“The Love Boat”


Favorite 80s TV Show

Back to the beloved 80s!  I really just miss theme songs like we had back then, you know?  Except the “Miami Vice” theme makes me grumpy, because I remember that when it started playing, it meant that it was bedtime for me.  Come ooonnnn, Mom and Dad, I wanna stay up and hang out with Don Johnson!



“The Cosby Show”


“Miami Vice”



Extra Mentions:

“Blood & Oil”

“Silver Spoons”

“Family Ties”


Favorite Musical

I’m a big THEAH-TUH geek, so I was pretty stoked about this topic, but it was also perfect timing since it was announced yesterday that Zac is going back to Broadway!  So you should TOTALLY go see him in Roundabout Theatre’s “She Loves Me” this spring… and tell him I sent you.  Or, y’know, tell him that his magnificent voice and ridiculous talent sent you.  Either way.



The Sound of Music


Guys and Dolls


My Fair Lady

Extra Mentions:

Pewdie Pie (Video Game Blogger) *Watch out for language in this video!*

Sweeney Todd

Les Miserables

Carrie (This is clip of off-Broadway show, but you can find the info for the LA version HERE.)

“Dirty Pillows” Scene from Carrie

Moulin Rouge

South Pacific

The Music Man

White Christmas

West Side Story



Random Notes From Shannon’s Brain

  • The winner of this week’s “Hey, You’re Awesome” Award is… KENTUCKY!  Like, without getting all “therapy time” on you guys, I’m super appreciative of men who are determined to be a loving, understanding, and trusted presence in their kid’s life.  Kentucky and Courtney’s little nerdling is a very lucky girl to have such awesome parents! *wipes tears from eyes*
  • I’m considering making “This Week’s Batman Reference” a new part of my Random Notes… but I do have agree that having Batman as a last name is basically winning the last name lottery.
  • That whole story about “Celebrity Wife Swap” and Charo and the bull makes me think that my life is VERY BORING.
  • I feel like Razzle’s conviction in his time-travel decision makes me think that he’s thought about the subject a lot.  OR MAYBE HE KNOWS FROM EXPERIENCE.
  • Kentucky: “Because they’re funny?” Razzle: “… are they?” I don’t know why, but in my head, Razzle said this while flinging a scarf over his shoulder in a dramatic fashion.
  • Is it going to become a thing that when they don’t want to explain something potentially risque, they’re just gonna be like, “SHANNON WILL EXPLAIN!!”  I’m actually really okay with this.
  • I’m glad that Jill said “poor Russell Crowe” about his performance is the movie version of “Les Miserables” because I wanted to throw things I was so upset about it.
  • I’m picturing Zac somewhere, listening to the podcast, and literally glaring as they have this whole big conversation about musicals.  He may also be saying “HOW DAAAARE YOOOUU” like that lady from “Rocko’s Modern Life”.


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Thanks for reading! See you next week!

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