A Fan’s Guide to Picking Favorites: Episode 40, YouTube Zombie Fads


By Shannon Fox (@shannonfox)


If you were looking for the new episode of the podcast yesterday, sorry- the guys were busy stopping a nuclear bomb by crashing a plane into the Mojave desert.  It was this whole thing.  But hey, another week, another guest making poor Kentucky and Razzle feel inadequate from the continued absence of busy-bees Zac and Tyler.  But guys, YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH, YOU ARE SMART ENOUGH, AND DOGGONE IT, PEOPLE LIKE YOU (and if you get that reference, you are probably a bit of an old fart, like me).


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This Week’s Guest:

Nick Mundy! (@dickfundy)



Nick is an actor and writer that you may know best from his appearances on “Conan” or his involvement with “ScreenJunkies” and “Funny or Die”.  He currently stars in the Comedy Central online series “Nothing to Report” with Chris Jericho.  Let’s all send him lots of congratulations for both getting married (by The Rock) back in May, and for his upcoming traditional wedding this week!  Congratulations, Nick!


“Nothing to Report”

Nick’s Wedding Video with The Rock


Favorite Zombie Movie

BRAINS.  BRAAAAIIIINNNNSSS.  Yes, we’re all obsessed with zombies (they’ve taken the former Head Supernatural Thingie title from the vampires) and it’s easy to see why, especially when you watch the movies the guys picked in this topic.  I’m pretty partial to Shaun of the Dead, if I’m being honest.  I’ll say this: if the zombie apocalypse ever arrives, I will fight my way through it with “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen blasting the entire time.


Shaun of the Dead




28 Days Later

Extra Mentions:

“Fear the Walking Dead”

The Witch

The Visit

World War Z


Favorite YouTube Channel

So you’re sitting at home and, while you COULD do something productive, why bother when you can get lost in a YouTube spiral of awesome (or gross or adorable, depending on what your video tastes are)?  Thankfully, the guys are here to give us even MORE ways to waste our time when we should be tackling our adult responsibilities.


FIX IT Home Improvement


The Hacks Of Life


Screen Junkies

Extra Mentions:

Homemade Laser Video

“Hack My Life” with Kevin Pereira


Make sure to check out NerdMachine TV!  Here’s the Nerd HQ panel of The Visit, like Kentucky mentioned:


Favorite Fad

Fads, particularly fashion ones, are a dangerous thing.  At one point in time, you thought you were SUPER COOL with your crimped hair or super-wide JNCO jeans… but then fast-forward ten years (or less, depending on the fad) and pictures of yourself become cringe-worthy blackmail fodder.  It’s okay, folks- we’ve all done it.


Backwards Clothes



The Pet Rock


Straight Outta Compton Meme


Wiffle Ball


Extra Mentions:

Kriss Kross

Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!

The First Meme

*adjust glasses* WELL, kids… it sort of depends on what you consider a “meme”.  If the internet has to be involved, then it seems to either come down to “The Dancing Baby” (of “Ally McBeal” fame) or “Godwin’s Law” (a cat picture, essentially- are you really that surprised?).  If the internet DOESN’T need to be involved, then the clear winner seems to be “Kilroy was here”, from all the way back to the 1930’s.

The Star Wars Kid


Random Notes from Shannon’s Brain

  • The winner of this week’s “Hey, You’re Awesome” Award goes to… well, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, obviously (listen, this is MY award, so I make the rules, okay?) Because agreeing to take part in randomly marrying someone (and getting ordained to do so) is REALLY SWEET, okay?  Did you WATCH that video? He was so excited!!
  • In case you’re wondering what a “squib” is since they mentioned it at the beginning of the episode (and no, I’m pretty sure they weren’t referencing the Harry Potter version of the word), it’s a tiny explosive device that movies/TV shows use for bullet hits and other stuff.
  • Razzle was back to form again this week, which made me happy: we got a mention of Batman and an actress he has a crush on (Emma Stone, this week, and who could blame him, really?)!  But he was also a little quiet, which makes me think this was recorded BEFORE he was able to score tickets to Taylor Swift’s show (if you follow him, which you should be, you’ll know how much of a priority it was for him for awhile).  Look at his face!
  •  While I agree that World War Z wasn’t the best of movies, I will admit that the zombie towards the end that’s held in that glass-encased room by the medical staff FREAKED ME OUT.  I don’t know why.
  • I’m really excited to see Kentucky’s review of “Fear the Walking Dead”! Will he apologize for spoiling stuff throughout the whole thing, because SUPER CONSIDERATE Kentucky is SUPER CONSIDERATE.
  • “The Walking Dead” can be added to the long list of shows that I’m really far behind on, because I can’t binge watch them because they’re SO DEPRESSING.  Like, I can get through about three episodes and then I have to stop because my life just starts to hurt.
  • If we see Kentucky in the next Sharknado, I will laugh for five years.
  • Um, can we NOT bash the ginormous red wiffle bat, because for those of us who suck at all things sports, that thing was a GODSEND.  I GOT YOUR BACK, GINORMOUS RED WIFFLE BAT.
  • Can I just say, I was so excited about the zombie category because it’s almost September which mean it’s almost October which means HALLOWEEN.  GIVE IT.


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