A Fan’s Guide to “Picking Favorites”: Episode 33, Babysitter Cafeteria Comedy Troupe


By Shannon Fox, @shannonfox


Okay, listen, I KNOW I’M LATE WITH THIS WEEK’S RECAP.  But I assure you that I have multiple good reasons, and they are as follows: 1) Nerd HQ Panelpalooza 2015, 2) uninteresting real-job reasons that I won’t get into, and 3) AMURICAHHH.  Okay, those are TERRIBLE reasons, but you should be the better person and forgive me.


But more importantly, TYLER’S BACK THIS WEEK!  I mean, we also lose Kentucky and Zac to their busy pre-HQ schedules, but GUYS, IT’S TYLER!  AND JUST IN TIME FOR CANADIAN DAY! Aw, we missed you, sir!


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This Week’s Guest:

Clare Grant! (@ClareGrant)




Clare is an actress and producer that you may know best from the “Team Unicorn” webseries (which comes from her production company, Danger Maiden).  She’s also appeared in many movies (Walk the Line, Black Snake Moan), TV series (“CSI: Miami”, “$5 Cover”), other web series (“The Guild”, “Husbands”), and done some pretty awesome voice work (“Robot Chicken”, “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”).  You can catch Clare in Phantom Halo, available here!


Team Unicorn’s Star Wars Parody of “All About That Bass”

Phantom Halo

Also, the horrible Women’s World Cup sign that really happened:



Favorite School Cafeteria Food

School lunches aren’t what they used to be, guys.  Now they have to have actual HEALTHY stuff in them, unlike my high school’s offerings, which included balanced, nutritious meals like cream-cheese-filled pretzels.   Those were the days, right? Also, did anyone else have raffles at their schools to win stuff, so you didn’t eat lunch all week so you could buy a bunch of raffle tickets at the end of it and sort of rig the contest because most of the raffle entries were yours? No? Just me?

Clare and Razzle:

Pizza (Clare’s is of the square variety) (and look, with bonus Chocolate Milk!)





Extra Mentions:

Krispy Kreme Donuts


Peach Snapple


“Pizza Day”, The Aquabats




Favorite Comedy Troupe

The word “troupe” is not used enough anymore.  Like, can a football team be a football troupe instead? It sounds so much fancier.  Anyway, these are some SOLID choices for this topic, from old school to new.


Kids in the Hall




Key & Peele

Extra Mentions:

Brain Candy

Strange Brew

“Strangers With Candy”

The Lonely Island, “The Heist”


Favorite Babysitter Story

There was a fleeting moment where all of my dreams came true and I thought that they were going to talk about their favorite book in the “Babysitter’s Club” series and my brain nearly exploded with happiness.  Don’t get me wrong, the stories we got from this topic were amazing, but I’ve been waiting to talk about “Super Special #1: Baby-Sitters on Board!” for twenty-six years, okay?


Stealing Her Mom’s Car to Get Her Sister, and the Car Broke Down

(This is a CRAZY story in which no picture can compare)


Hearing Kenny Loggins’ “Footloose” for the First Time, Thanks To His Babysitter


Babysitting the WORST KIDS EVER


Extra Mentions:

“Batman: Arkham Knight”

Batman vs. Superman

Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Random Notes From Shannon’s Brain

  • The winner of this week’s “Hey, You’re Awesome” award is… TYLER!  NOT just because he’s back and we missed him, but because of that story about him following/not following Bruce McCulloch is just… so awkward, but so AMAZING, because guys, TYLER IS US.  WE ARE TYLER.  Stars… they fangirl awkwardly, just like us!
  • It makes so sad that bread doesn’t make you skinny. Bread is the best. As is cheese.  And when you put them together? FORGET IT, IT’S ALWAYS AWESOME. (Also, I love how Tyler and Clare talked about eating healthier and then IMMEDIATELY followed it with a chat about poutine.)
  • Okay, Clare’s babysitting story pretty much solidified my belief that she is bad-ass.  Bravo, milady.
  • Guys, if you haven’t watched every single episode of “Key & Peele” on Comedy Central, PLEASE do, because I have to echo Razzle’s sentiments and agree that they’re hilarious.  (Comedy Central is just knocking it out of the park with their series lately, no?)
  • We support you, Michael Grogan.
  • I would like personally thank my older sister for never hanging me out of a WINDOW by my ANKLES. Good LORD!
  • I feel like we learn so many new things from the “Picking Favorites” episodes- my favorite fact from this week’s episode was that, apparently, donuts have a negative effect on memory.  Who knew? (Tyler did.)
  • When Tyler asked Clare if she was nervous about the new Star Wars movie, I literally screamed out loud, “YES!!” (I’VE BEEN HURT BEFORE, OKAY?)


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Thanks for reading! See you next week!

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  1. JayneJuly 4th, 2015 at 12:24 am

    It might be later than normal, but your recaps are always worth reading! THANK YOU SHaNNON!!
    I thought Clare’s babysitting story was awesome!!

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