A Fan’s Guide to “Picking Favorites”: Episode 32, Schwarzenegger Dessert Movie Adaptation


By Shannon Fox, @shannonfox


*bell rings*

When I wake up in the morning and the alarm gives out a warning, I don’t think I’ll ever recap on time…


And now the “Saved By The Bell” theme song will be in your head for the rest of the day. You’re welcome!  We’re treated to a good dose of nostalgia this week from Kentucky and Razzle (as our friendly, neighborhood fancy-actors are out of town), and lots of talk about weird sports and the state of Kentucky.  Oh, and poor Momma Kentucky hides in a closet to avoid the ferocious hunger and apple-pie-devouring appetite of Li’l Kentucky.  For some reason, I imagine that whole scene going down like the raptor scene in Jurassic Park with the breath on the window and the doorknob slowly turning as Raptor-Kentucky figures out how to open the door…  Ooo, creepy!


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This Week’s Guest:

Rob Fee! (@robfee)



Rob is a writer and stand-up comedian who has written for literally a ton of publications, sites, and television shows, including “The Ellen Show”, “Funny or Die”, Playboy, and Comedy Central. He also has wonderful, magical voice that is meant for greatness. Rob’s got a Father’s Day skit from Comedy Central coming out on Friday (June 19th), so keep an eye out for that, but in the meantime, you can follow him on Twitter or buy his books on Amazon!


Extra Mentions In the Beginning of the Episode:

“Shark Tank”


Pop Tennis

Trampoline Dodgeball

Why, yes, Kentucky, there IS a Parkour World Championship (and more than one, it seems):


Favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie

I remember the first movie I saw with “Ah-nold”- it was Kindergarten Cop.  My dad continued to quote “It’s not a too-muh” for the next 25 years.  THANKS, MR. SCHWARZENEGGER.   In any case, it’s a bit hard to take these choices seriously, being that Batman and Robin isn’t on it (that movie so hilariously bad, it’s a must-see every time.  Also, RAZZLE, IT’S BATMAN, WHERE WERE YOU ON THAT, SIR?), but to each their own, I suppose.




True Lies


Running Man

Extra Mentions:

Terminator: Genisys


“GET TO THE CHOPPAH!” (from Predator)

Jesse Ventura in Predator

There’s then lots of talk about Kentucky (the state, not David), sooo…


Favorite Dessert

Every time they pick a food category on this show, I end up drooling, and this one is no exception.  I will also have to side with Kentucky that frozen yogurt just doesn’t hold up next to ice cream, but isn’t it always the case that the more unhealthy something is, the better it tastes?  Like, look at nachos! Or PEANUT BUTTER!  Or PEANUT BUTTER NACHOS!


Granny Smith Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream (made by his grandmother and/or mom)



Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory



Chocolate Brownie with Frozen Yogurt


Extra Mentions: 

SK’s Donuts



Lemon Ice at Cedar Point Amusement Park (I THINK this is it?)



“Take It To The Limit”- The Eagles

… which then segued to the eagles from Lord of the Rings.

“Hotel California”- The Eagles


Favorite TV Show That You’d Want Turned Into A Movie

I’ve already mentioned that I’m not completely onboard with remakes/reboots/what-have-you, but I suppose a case can be made for remaking some older TV shows (though I’m still annoyed that the 21 Jump Street movies were so funny, because HOW DARE YOU TOUCH THAT SHOW AND NOT USE THE THEME SONG).  But we’re getting reboots whether we like it or not, since Netflix is bringing back “Full House” and Disney has already brought back “Boy Meets World”.  That being said, we’re all still waiting for that “Perfect Strangers” reboot, Hollywood.  Any day, now.


“Saved by the Bell”


“Magnum P.I.”


“The Fall Guy”

Extra Mentions:

“I’m So Excited”- Famous Moment from “Saved By The Bell”

Wet Hot American Summer

Tori from “Saved By the Bell”


The Rundown

The Truck from “Fall Guy”



Random Notes from Shannon’s Brain

  • This week’s winner of the “Hey, You’re Awesome” Award is… RAZZLE! Because, as I mention every week, he’s adorable, but also because he’s LITERALLY THE HOST OF A SHOW CALLED “PICKING FAVORITES” AND HE CANNOT PICK ONE SINGULAR FAVORITE EVER.  And Kentucky gets SO mad.  And I laugh EVERY TIME.  There’s also the fact that I, too, thought that Kentucky was talking about playing tennis with hypodermic needles sticking out of the ball regarding “pop tennis” until he explained further.
  • Please understand that I freaked RIGHT out because I totally thought that the guest this week was the lizard from Fern Gully (a.k.a Tone Lōc, post “Funky Cold Medina”) ROB SOUNDS JUST LIKE HIM IN THIS SONG OKAY, SHUT UP:

  • I love how Kentucky INSISTED it was so much worse that his mom locked herself in the laundry room to eat the last piece of apple pie, than Rob’s suggestion that she was “beating him with a bat” for eating the pie. Umm…
  • Rob says that he’s more excited about Nick Lachey (of 98 Degrees fame) being from his town than Loretta Lynn (a very famous country singer).  Kentucky’s response is hilarious: “Are you HIGH?!?!”
  • I hear “Get to the choppah” quoted at LEAST three times every day.  There needs to be a survey of the most quoted movie line of all time, because I’m pretty sure it’d be in the top three.
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  • Three weeks to Nerd HQ, guys!  Wheeeeee!!!


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Thanks for reading! See you next week!

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