A Fan’s Guide To “Picking Favorites”: Episode 26, Amp Up Jack Nicholson Comic Movie


By Shannon Fox, @shannonfox


Welcome back, folks, and let’s shed a tear for a temporary absence for yet another one of hosts this week: we miss you, Kentucky (and Zac, of course, but he’s been off being a hero-or a villain?-for a bit now)!  The good news is that we have an awesome guest this week with Tyler and Razzle holding down the fort, so fear not, and get ready to RAWK!! Or, as Tyler puts it, possibly excrete some form of bodily fluid in your pants.


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This Week’s Guest:

Adam Brody!


Adam is an actor, musician, and writer that you may know from his time on the show “The OC”, but he’s been in a ton of movies and other television shows since then, like Mr. & Mrs. Smith and “House of Lies”.  He currently stars in the DirectTV original series, “Billy & Billie”.  I also have to add that he’s a recurring character on one of my favorite shows, “The League” on FXX, because I love it so much and he’s hilarious.  Adam’s not on social media, so keep an eye out (and fingers crossed, I suppose?) for the untitled project with Tyler and Adam!

You can catch episodes of “Billy & Billie” on DirectTV or here!

“Billy & Billie”



Favorite Comic Book Movie/TV Show

Hmm… I wonder if this was chosen as a topic because a certain GINORMOUS COMIC BOOK MOVIE came out this past weekend? Picking Favorites, assemble!  But man, Marvel just DID NOT get any love in this category, did they? Whatever, they made tons of money over the weekend, so I can’t really give them any pity, you know what I mean?

Adam (But let’s make it CRYSTAL CLEAR that it was everyone’s choice for favorite movie): 

Tim Burton’s Batman


“Batman The Animated Series”



Extra Mentions:

Black Mass (Whitey Bulger movie starring Johnny Depp)

Daredevil (Movie)

“The Flash”

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Cowboys vs. Aliens

Edge of Tomorrow (YES. AGAIN.)


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Favorite Amp-Up Song

*jumps around* YEAH. YEAAAHH!! LET’S DO THIS TOPIC! I’M PSYCHED! LET’S GO! I… need a nap now.  Or, I suppose I could just listen to the songs the guys picked.  I feel like there is a level of “amped up” in men that I will never achieve, though- like, there will never be a point where I roar at someone out of excitement for physical activity.  I don’t get it.  Testosterone.  Am I right? … or I am just SUPER lazy?


“Seek and Destroy”, Metallica


“For Those About To Rock”, ACDC


“Welcome To Paradise”, Green Day

Extra Mentions:

“Life During Wartime”, Talking Heads

“Knights of Cydonia”, Muse

“It’s Time To Party”, Andrew W.K. (though Razzle plays “Party Hard” on the podcast)

“Feel”, Ty Segall

“Love Rears Its Ugly Head” Living Colour



Favorite Jack Nicholson Movie

You know what I miss, because I think it’s been a few years?  Jack Nicholson in his sunglasses in the front row of the Academy Awards.  They need to just have him come back every year and have a permanent seat there.  It’s not the same without him.  Also, I LOVE that the ENTIRE beginning of the episode was about Tim Burton’s Batman… yet there is NO mention of Jack as the Joker here.  What’s that about, guys?


The Shining


Witches of Eastwick


As Good As It Gets

Extra Mentions:

Carnal Knowledge

The Crossing Guard

Clip of Jack Nicholson Getting Ready to Film The Shining



Random Notes From Shannon’s Brain

  • This week’s “Hey, You’re Awesome” Award goes to… I really want to give it to Tyler’s daughter, actually.  Is that allowed? Because she digs Green Day and wants to listen to rock that is clearly far more hardcore than what Tyler listens to, and I think that’s amazing.  So… great job on your offspring, Tyler (I mean, along with your wife, obviously)!
  • Is Warner Brothers giving “Picking Favorites” a kickback for how heavily they’ve supported Edge of Tomorrow/Live Die Repeat yet?  Because they should be.  They should at least be a sponsor or something.  SERIOUSLY, IT IS MENTIONED IN ALMOST EVERY EPISODE.  I RECAP THEM, TRUST ME.
  • I don’t know why I’m finding Kentucky’s Amazon commercial so effing adorable, but I really am.  I just want to smoosh his face, listening to it.  I have no explanation.
  • I cackled at Razzle’s description of Johnny Depp always having “a weird sport coat and weird hat with colored contacts” BECAUSE IT’S SO TRUE.  Oh, Johnny.  But yeah, that trailer for Black Mass looks AMAAAZING.
  • What is it with guys and discussing their pooping habits?  No, this happens with my husband and his friends on a somewhat continual basis, so it’s definitely a thing, along with describing oddly-shaped excrement with enthusiasm and wonder.  Men, please explain.
  • I really love when Adam and Tyler talk about actors vs. directors and the benefits of multi-camera shows.  The world of professional acting is so intriguing and almost bizarre to me, so I like hearing what it’s like to make a living off of it, other than the usual “it’s competitive and crazy” typical discussion.
  • Please go watch Adam’s appearance on “The Kroll Show”, because the “Oh, Hello” skits make me fall over from laughing.


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Thanks for reading! See you next week!


  1. DKDMay 6th, 2015 at 2:58 pm

    Too bad Zac wasn’t there. Brody was supposedly the first choice to play Chuck and declined. It would have been cool to hear two Josh Schwartz show alums talk.

  2. skorpeoMay 7th, 2015 at 10:24 am

    Even though I am a male, I do not understand the fascination with “poop talk” either. However, my three year old son seems to have picked up on the vibe… And yes, I think their persistence mat have paid off, because I am at long last intrigued by “Edge of Tomorrow” (or Emily Blunt, but either works in this case)

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