A Fan’s Guide to “Picking Favorites”: Episode 23, Hanks Sandler Swayze Movies


By Shannon Fox, @shannonfox


Ohhh yeah.  Welcome to the sexy, late-night version of the “Picking Favorites” recap, since the episode was released a bit late in the day this week.  But that’s okay, because you can pretend that Barry White is reading you this recap, and everything will be just fine, baby.  Because we’ve shared favorites and made favorites… it doesn’t seem to me like it’s enough.  There’s just not enough of it. Just not enough.

(Please go listen to “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love” by Barry White and EDUCATE YOURSELF if you have no idea what’s happening right now.)

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This Week’s Guest:


David Huntsberger! (@huntsbergerjunk)


David is a comedian, podcast host, artist, animator… a jack of all trades, if you will.  You may have caught him on Last Comic Standing!

You can catch David’s variety show, “The Junk Show”, THIS Sunday, April 12th, at The Copper Still in Los Angeles (previous PF guests the Sklar Brothers will be there, as well!).  Tickets are only $5!  Or, if you’re in the Chicago area, go see David on May 20th, 8pm, at @North Bar. Tickets are available here.

Check out David’s podcast, “Professor Blastoff”, here.  And here’s the Kickstarter project he was talking about, for an animated stand-up special!

You can also buy David’s stand-up CDs and check out some of his other stuff over on his website here.


“The Rock Climber”


Favorite Tom Hanks Movie

I have this weird appreciation of when Tom Hanks yells things.  Like in basically ALL of Turner and Hooch.  Or when he loses Wilson in Castaway.  Or whenever Woody yells at Buzz in Toy Story.  Like, he’s fantastic when he’s NOT yelling too, but I just wanted to point out that he has a very pleasing yelling voice.  Carry on.



Big and A League of Their Own


Apollo 13



Extra Mentions:

Forrest Gump

Bachelorette Party

Saving Private Ryan

The ‘Burbs

Joe Vs. The Volcano

Favorite Adam Sandler Movie

My life is plagued by constant quoting of both Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore by basically every guy that I’ve met in my life.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, they’re really funny, but it’s one of those things where I have to carefully whisper their names, otherwise fifty men will burst into my apartment, all yelling quotes from those movies.  So… inside voices.



Billy Madison





Extra Mentions:

Happy Gilmore

Punch-Drunk Love

Reign Over Me

Big Daddy

That’s My Boy

50 First Dates

Favorite Patrick Swayze

Oh, Patrick Swayze.  You left us too soon.  I’m actually glad to see that Dirty Dancing didn’t make the list, because I will never understand the appeal of that movie.  I know, I know, I’ll hand in my girl card.  Also, is that baby Adam Baldwin in Next of Kin??


David and Razzle:

Point Break



Extra Mention:

The Outsiders

Red Dawn

Next Of Kin

Dirty Dancing


Random Notes from Shannon’s Brain

  • This Week’s “Hey, You’re Awesome” Award goes to… KENTUCKY! It was a REALLY close race this week, and Razzle almost won it because he was just TOO adorable when he talked about Big, but Kentucky won for three main reasons: 1) I have a soft spot for fangirling, and he TOTALLY fangirls over Sam Elliott (again), 2) I kept laughing because the whole Roadhouse vs. Point Break reminded me of Peter Griffin on “Family Guy” constantly saying “Roadhouse!”, and 3) I totally agree with his daughter: SHOES ARE THE WORST. Also, I’m calling it: I’ve already made Razzle a meme, so the next time Kentucky fangirls over Sam Elliott, I’m heading to Photoshop.
  • David’s impression of Adam Sandler was RIDICULOUSLY good. Props, sir.  (Do people still say that, or am I showing my age?)
  • I think it is absolutely adorable that Kentucky and David made it sound like things really got heated about Roadhouse vs. Point Break, and it was the MOST POLITE DISAGREEMENT OF ALL TIME EVER.
  • If you’re wondering about Razzle calling Kentucky and David “SP’s”, it’s a Scientology thing: “Suppressive Person” which means an antisocial person, which apparently is the enemy of Scientology.  I don’t know, guys.  I just really don’t.  But the new Mission Impossible looks good, doesn’t it?
  • Tom Hanks puts “Hanx” at the end of his tweets which is the cutest and I just really want him to be my dad, okay?


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Thanks for reading! See you next week!


  1. Dee EllisApril 9th, 2015 at 4:56 am

    It was soooo quiet this week! I missed Zac’s laugh and the overall loudness of them all interacting; this week was all very civilized… Apollo 13 kicked off a very deep discussion; loved hearing the boys do that; Apollo 13 is one of my favourites so yay! Not an Adam Sandler fan so I have to skip that one but Swayze’s has to be Ghost; what can I say, it came out when I just needed that film! Love your recaps, Shannon!

  2. skorpeoApril 9th, 2015 at 9:32 am

    Ugh! I do not like Patrick Swayze, primarliy because of movies like “Roadhouse” and “Red Dawn”. (I’m sure he was a wonderful person, but i can’t stand his characters). I don’t think you can complain about a character being “too conservative” when you’re watching “Roadhouse”. That whole movie is a conservative’s biggest wet dream, with the possible exception of “Red Dawn”.

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