A Fan’s Guide to “Picking Favorites”: Episode 21, 2 on 2


By Shannon Fox, @shannonfox


Did anyone else say “that’s what she said” when reading the episode title? Just me? Okay then.


Welcome back to your weekly recap of the “Picking Favorites” podcast! Not only are the guys without Tyler this week, but Razzle is also MIA, so poor little Kentucky/’Murica/David and Zac are all by their lonesomes.  But, using sports as their security blanket and bringing on TWO guests instead of one, I’d say that the guys did a great job in Tyler’s and Razzle’s absences.  But we miss you, guys! Come back soon.


You can find this week’s episode on iTunes and Soundcloud.


This Week’s Guests:

Randy and Jason Sklar, aka The Sklar Brothers! (@SklarBrothers)


The Sklar Brothers are comedians, actors, sportscasters, and podcast hosts that just also happen to be twins (as you could probably tell).  You may know them best from “Entourage”, “Cheap Seats”, ESPN’s “SportsCenter”, or their popular podcast! Speaking of, check out “Sklarbro Country” on the EarWolf network here, and you can find their future stand-up dates/appearances here.  And finally, you can check out their stand-up special, “What Are We Talking About?”, on Netflix here!

Regal Cinemas’ “The Trailer”




Favorite Athlete

My little descriptions of each topic are not coming easily this week, I have to admit, because I know ABSOLUTELY nothing about sports (except for the stuff I learned from Space Jam).  I will say, however, that I might’ve had that Bo Jackson poster on MY wall, too, just because of eye-candy potential.  Helloooooo.  SPORTS!!!!


Muhammad Ali



Jose Oquendo



Magic Johnson



Bo Jackson


Extra Mentions:

Walter Payton


When We Were Kings

Mayweather vs. Pacquiao


Bruce Jenner


Michael Jordan


Lebron James


ESPN’s “30 for 30” series

Jim Thorpe



Favorite Sports Moment

I have a husband who’s super into football, so the only way I ever really know if something exciting happens during a game or whatever is if he claps really loudly or if I happen to be at a bar playing a game and I hear yelling.  Like, I’ve been to live sports events when the crowd erupts and just kind of looked around, like, “Oh! SPORTS!!!”.  Obviously, if you hadn’t realized it yet, my go-to when it comes to this stuff is to just yell “SPORTS” because I find that those who appreciate athleticism will accept you as long as you’re yelling something (that isn’t against whatever team they like).


2011 World Series  w/Cardinals, Joe Buck announcing


1980 Olympics, USA Hockey Team vs. USSR, “Miracle on Ice”


March Madness


2010 NBA Finals, Game 7:  Lakers vs. Celtics

Extra Mentions:

Jack Buck, announcer, calling a home-run in the 1991 World Series

Michigan vs. Kansas college basketball, Trey Burke 3-pointer

Herb Brooks speech in Miracle

Coach Tubby Smith


Kirk Gibson’s Home Run, Dodgers vs. Athletics 1988 World Series

Paul Pierce



Favorite Sports Movie

Aha! Finally a topic that I can understand… sort of.  Is it okay to admit that my favorite would be Angels in the Outfield? Or, as previously mentioned, Space Jam?  … You’re killing me, Smalls.


Breaking Away


 Bad News Bears


Remember the Titans


Field of Dreams

Extra Mentions:


Karate Kid

Richard Simmons


Tin Cup


 Random Notes from Shannon’s Brain

  •  This week’s winner of the “Hey, You’re Awesome” award is… Kentucky/’Murica/David! Because he TOTALLY passed the topic to Zac this episode (after Zac complained about that never happening quite a bit last week) which shows exemplary teamwork skills, and since this episode is about SPORTS, he is now Team Captain, or something.  I mean, I’d at the very least pick him first for kickball during gym class.  Also, I quite liked that he admitted to not caring one bit about most sports except college basketball.
  • I need someone with audio mixing skills to put Zac’s “WHAT?!?” into a Lil Jon song.  Immediately.  For “peeing in pants from laughing so hard” purposes.  O-KAY!
  • Did anyone catch the Flynn Rider moment? … god, I’m such a fangirl. *facepalm*
  • I totally apologize if I mixed up Randy and Jason in the last topic, but in my defense, THEY SOUND VERY SIMILAR.
  • I really want to end this recap by saying, “GOOD GAME, GOOD GAME” and slapping everyone’s ass.  So… consider your ass slapped.
  • My knowledge of sports is so lacking that I had to very heavily rely on context clues to recap this episode, guys.  It was basically me hearing “Kansas vs. Michigan” and listening in UTTER CONFUSION until then hearing something about a “three-pointer” and then yelling, “I THINK THAT’S BASKETBALL! OKAY. YES. MOVING ON.”


That’s it for this week’s recap!  Remember to subscribe to and rate the podcast on iTunes, and send YOUR favorites to @thenerdmachine on Twitter with the hashtag “#PickingFavorites”!


You can find our hosts all over social media:

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Thanks for reading! See you next week!


  1. AndreaMarch 25th, 2015 at 1:25 pm

    I am a utter zero when it comes to sports, except maybe football (or as you guys like to call it over there: soccer), so I actually understood about nothing, But hey! it was fun.
    I lived for Zac’s laughing and his “WHAAAAAAAT”‘s this episode.
    Looking forward to next week (:

  2. JayneMarch 25th, 2015 at 3:52 pm

    Great job on the recap ShAnnon … I wouldn’t have had much of a clue this week myself as I’m not into sports, but I did listen just because … and I’m pleased with your selection for the “Hey, You’re Awesome” award because I DID notice Dave pointedly passing over to Zac each topic, and was impressed by that.

    I’m sad though – Tyler’s been away so long they don’t even mention his theme song any more.

    With 2 guests though, it would have been very difficult if there had been more hosts there, so this was a good week to have absentees I suppose.

    But, come back Tyler and Razzle! We miss you!

  3. skorpeoMarch 26th, 2015 at 11:29 am

    I think Zac should get an Honorable Mention for Awesome Award this week for using the word “clickables”. And yes, I will DEFINITELY be using that. (let me know where to send the royalty checks…)
    Very happy Bo Jackson was picked as a fav, and “Breaking Away”. The dad recovering in the hospital yelling “REFUND!” is still reenacted at my parents’ house…to this day. (That and “No more ‘ini’ food!”)
    Oh, and no one made Zac squirm this week! Maybe when Tyler and Razzle come back…. One can always hope!

  4. ScottyBMarch 27th, 2015 at 8:17 am

    I am a big sports fan and a big picking favorites fan as well. Here are my choices for this week.

    Athlete: Stockton / Malone – you can’t have one without the other. Everyone knew what they were going to do but they couldn’t stop them. If it wasn’t for Jordan they would have a pair of rings.

    Sports moment: 2008 Summer Olympics Phelps quest for 8 gold medals. Specifically the 4 x 100 relay. Phelps had swam his leg and the French team was ahead by a body length going into the final leg and Jason Lezak came from behind to out touch the French guy and the USA team reaction was amazing.

    Sports movie: The Sandlot. It brings back great memories.

  5. BroganApril 19th, 2015 at 3:56 am

    I feel like I had no idea what was going on here. I don’t know anything about any professional sport that isn’t rugby. I grew up playing basketball etc.. but there wasn’t much of it on TV really, so I never learnt about any of these teams/events. However, I can pick my favourite sporting moment of all time… The 2011 Rugby World Cup final between France and New Zealand. It was incredible. NZ won and you could hear the screaming and cheering all down the street. You’d have to know the player responsible for the winning points to know why the relief and joy was so extreme, but the whole country basically exploded with it. My Nana was crying tears of joy (literally) and the rest of the house was cheering/screaming their heads off. One of the greatest moments ever.

    Apologies for going on and on. I was reliving that night.

  6. BeaOctober 2nd, 2015 at 8:51 pm

    I, too, have to admit that for the most time of the 65 min. podcast I had no idea what they were talking about. Still, I listened to it twice. As a crazy Disnerd I cheered after the Flynn Rider moment – that one actually helped me pull through all the “SPORTS!!!” talk. By now, we all know that there will be a “Tangled” cartoon – one of a few reasons that motivates me enough to get out of bed on a Monday Morning (oh, and I guess work). Great podcast, but I am glad we#re done with the sports themes for a while. SPORTS!!!

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