A Fan’s Guide to “Picking Favorites”: Episode 19, Cross De Niro Possession


By Shannon Fox, @shannonfox

Hello, friends, and welcome to your weekly recap of the “Picking Favorites” podcast!  Tyler’s MIA on this one, but hold on to your pants and glasses because this episode has THE MOST REQUESTED/DEMANDED GUEST and it will most likely cause screams of both anguish (from the “Chuck” finale) and fangirling (because of awesome) across the world.  Oh, and there’s lots of fake accents and inside jokes and slang.  It might be our birthdays, guys.

You can find this week’s episode on iTunes and Soundcloud.

This Week’s Guest:

YVONNE STRAHOVSKI!! (@y_strahovski)


I have no idea who Yvonne is.  OKAY, OBVIOUSLY I’M TOTALLY KIDDING.  You know Yvonne as not only Sarah Walker from “Chuck”, but also Hannah McKay from “Dexter”, Kate Morgan from “24: Live Another Day”, and a multitude of other television shows and movies.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures or videos for her two upcoming projects, “Astronauts Wives Club” or Manhattan Nocturne, but keep an eye out for them, soon!

Howevever, you can donate to Operation Smile’s “Celebrity Ski & Smile Challenge” under Yvonne’s name HERE.

And here’s a video of the drummer Yvonne mentioned that she saw in New Orleans, Jamison Ross, playing “Yesterday” with Grace Weber:

And now for the topics!

Favorite Cross-Dressing Movie

Personally, I am all for cross-dressing because not only does it give us some really great movies, like the ones below, but it also means that I get to wear clothes with actual, functioning pockets in them if I dress as a dude.  AM I RIGHT, LADIES?  Also, I have a thing for man legs, so guys in heels get an extra thumbs-up.  But enough about how weird I am!


Mrs. Doubtfire

David Kentucky ‘Murica Dumpst*r:

The Birdcage


Some Like It Hot


Shakespeare in Love

Extra Mentions:

Grumpy Old Men

Saving Private Ryan

Twelfth Night

Completely Random Extra Mention In Between Topics:

“Chuck” Blooper Reel in which Zac is particularly gaseous (it starts at about 3:40):

Favorite De Niro Movie

Something I learned today: Robert De Niro has a space in his last name. Anyway, as far as legendary actors go, he’s at the tippy top.  I actually haven’t seen ANY of the movies chosen as favorites, but I do love The Godfather: Part II.  AND De Niro’s performance as Captain Shakespeare in Stardust, which is both adorable and fantastic.  Now everyone go do your best De Niro impression.


Raging Bull





David Kentucky ‘Murica Dumpst*r:


Extra Mentions:

Killer Elite 

The Godfather, Part II

Big Momma’s House 2 (really terrible quality, but trust me on this one)

Favorite Thing You’ve Had For A Long Time

I’m really surprised that there isn’t a stuffed animal in the mix here, because most people I know have one of those as their longest owned possession.  Also, maybe Razzle and my husband need to have some sort of support meeting about keeping t-shirts forever and just having BAGS of them around the house (or, in our case, shoved into the not-enough-storage-space in a tiny New York apartment).


Sea Urchin Shell



His House (since I obviously don’t have pictures of Zac’s house, I put up Chuck & Sarah’s dream house instead because of reasons and feelings. SHUSH.)



Yoda Figure from Taco Bell


David Kentucky ‘Murica Dumpst*r:

His Grandmother’s Blanket (This is not the actual blanket!)


Random Notes From Shannon’s Brain

  • The winner of this week’s “Hey, You’re Awesome” Award goes to… well, to be honest, WHAT do I even call him anymore?  Kenmurist*r?  THE MAN FORMERLY KNOWN AS DAVID COLEMAN, okay?  Because the story about his grandmother’s quilt just gave me all of the warm and fuzzies.  Awwwwww.  Also, Yvonne was THISCLOSE to winning because it’s Yvonne AND she brought up “The Baby-Sitter’s Club” series and Logan, but… sentimentality will get me every time.
  • I cannot express how much I love the fact that Zac and Yvonne basically call each other slang words for “vagina”. That’s my new favorite thing in the world.  Whenever I feel sad, I will remember this fact and I will no longer be sad.
  • Is it just me or does everyone else agree that, like, if the season of summer had to be a person, it would totally be Yvonne?
  • Can we all agree that Razzle was the little brother in this episode? I expected him to get a wedgie or something any minute. … is that what brothers do? I have no idea, I don’t have one.
  • Folks, the moral of this episode is: don’t eat a thing of yogurt and kiss somebody, because bleccchh.
  • Joseph Fiennes TOTALLY lives up to his last name, right?  Get it? ‘Cause he’s FIIIIIIIIIINE.. s.

That’s it for this week’s recap!  Remember to subscribe to and rate the podcast on iTunes, and send YOUR favorites to @thenerdmachine on Twitter with the hashtag “#PickingFavorites”!

You can find our hosts all over social media:

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Thanks for reading! See you next week! Viva La Nerdolution!


  1. SynbiosTaelMarch 11th, 2015 at 9:41 am

    But Shannon Rivers and Roads is an excellent song! Here, so you all can listen to it https://open.spotify.com/track/7kgMtZHgem1PlJhuP7vbur

    My favorites:
    1.- I don’t know ^_^’.
    2.- The Godfather 2
    3.- My phone. It makes my live so much easier :D.

  2. JayneMarch 11th, 2015 at 10:32 am

    Love that your picture of Zac’s home was the Chuck and Sarah house!! Was so please to get this episode so early in the day … on this special day of #VivaLaNerdolution … if you folks don’t know about it, check out Shannon’s twitter feed and blog … http://www.shannonfox.nyc/blog/2015/3/10/one-final-plea-for-viva-la-nerdolution

  3. AndreaMarch 11th, 2015 at 11:57 am

    oh i looked so much forward to this episode!
    lovely to have sarah there – i mean yvonne of course
    i just had the biggest smile on my face the entire time (i bet there were loads of people on my bus that were very confused about my constant grinning and laughing)
    great topics, great favorites, GREAT AWESOME GUEST, lovely chatting inbetween about garbage and whatever else
    keep going guys!

  4. DKDMarch 11th, 2015 at 1:14 pm

    I know Tyler has his fans, but I have to say that four people talking is the right amount of people for a podcast like this. Each person got more time to talk.

    I also think the fact that Zac, Dave, and Yvonne worked together for so long provide a level of intimacy to the proceedings that I loved as a Chuck fan. People who don’t know her that well would never talk about what they talked about.

    I enjoyed this one…a LOT.

  5. skorpeoMarch 11th, 2015 at 2:15 pm

    I would like a recount on the “Awesome of the Week” award, ’cause Shannon gets it for threatening to kick someone in the esophagus. bwahahaha! (“….rii-iivers ’til III-III fii-iind you..!”) I really, really enjoyed this podcast because not only is Yvonne complete awesome even if she were comatose, but i LOVE her sense of humor!!! and i love the fact she has no problem owning up to being gassy, owning up to shoving a sock down her pants (the show MUST go on!), and owning up to having man-hands. lastly, i loved this podcast because it confirmed my belief that the reason why “Chuck” was so endearing is because the connection we saw between the characters was a reflection of the genuine connection between the actors. the emotion and compassion on the screen was REAL. i don’t think the show would have nearly the following if it were a different cast. why the “Chuck” alums aren’t being cast in way, way more projects is quite baffling….

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