A Fan’s Guide to “Picking Favorites”: Episode 13, Roller-Coaster Game Trip


By Shannon Fox, @shannonfox

Welcome back to your weekly “Picking Favorites” recap!  Or, if you’re here for the first time, hi!  Thanks for stopping by, there’s cookies and coffee in the back (wouldn’t it be awesome if I could Wonka Vision this recap and actually give you cookies at the end? C’mon, technology, I need easier cookie-sharing options).

How adorable is it that we’re getting a Chuck and Morgan reunion this week, when the third anniversary of the series finale of “Chuck” was YESTERDAY (January 27th)?!  My heart is happy.  And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, “Chuck” is on Netflix, waiting to turn your very soul into sparkles and rainbows.

Anyway, you can find this week’s episode on iTunes and Soundcloud.

This Week’s Guest:

Joshua Gomez! (@JoshuaEGomez)


There’s a REALLY good chance that if you’re a fan of this podcast, you know Joshua best as his role as Morgan Grimes on “Chuck”.  Otherwise, Josh has appeared in quite a few TV series, such as “Castle”, “The Crazy Ones”, and “Without A Trace”.  He’s also a musician, but as his music hasn’t been released yet, I’ve got no links for you.  C’mon, Josh, give it!

In the meantime, keep up with Joshua on Twitter.

We’ve got some good stuff this week, so let’s get crackin’!

Favorite Current Video Game

Since I’ve been pretty much a non-gamer since Nintendo 64 became obsolete, a lot of the conversation about these games went right over my head and kind of started to sound like the teacher on the Peanuts cartoons.  But that’s me- I’m sure this is pure gamer-y goodness for most of you.  If not, there’s still a nice nature lesson in the middle (but it’s kind of horrifying)!


HD Re-Release of Resident Evil




Dead Rising 3


The Last of Us

Extra Mentions:

Dragon Age 3

Sunset Overdrive

Dead Rising: Watchtower

Gears of War

“Wacko Zombie Ants” (like Zac said, this is a real thing in nature.  And gross.)



“Trivia Crack”

Favorite Roller-Coaster/Amusement Park Ride

OH, THIS TOPIC.  I am an amusement park/roller-coaster FIEND and a ex-ride operator from the House of Mouse, so this subject is very near and dear to me.  But what is it about dudes and having motion sickness/issues with roller-coasters?  MOST of the men I know can’t deal with roller-coasters too well, to the point where I now have a theory that G-forces do unpleasant things to testicles.  But, to be fair, I haven’t done ANY testing on this theory (to my husband’s relief, I’m sure).


Splash Mountain, Disneyland


The Beast, King’s Island


The Magnum XL 200, Cedar Point


The Jungle Cruise, Disneyland

Extra Mentions:

Screaming Demon, Kings Island


Goliath, Six Flags Magic Mountain

The Blue Streak, Cedar Point

Superman, Six Flags Magic Mountain

California Screamin’, Disneyland

Batman, Six Flags Magic Mountain

Favorite Road Trip

As an East Coast gal, I think I’m a bit spoiled from having so many different states within a relatively short distance, because it seems like West Coast road trippin’ is on ANOTHER LEVEL.  I mean, I start to lose it a little bit if I’m in a car for more than two hours, so I can’t imagine trying to driving through the length of California for FUN, unless it’s on a motorcycle and I’m not allowed to ride those due to my klutzy-ness and severe lack of coordination.  But I may have to make an exception after seeing the videos below, because yo, America: you pretty.


California Coast, Route 1,  Sonoma to LA (Big Sur)


California to Texas in an RV

The Grand Canyon



Michigan to LA with Route 66

(Razzle mentioned the “Pillars of the Gods” but I found “Valley of the Gods”, which I hope is what he was talking about…)


Meteor Crater in Arizona


Hoover Dam



California to Pennsylvania (including the Wheeling Tunnel)

Chevy Astrovan (The type of van Kentucky was driving)


Ratfink (The character that was custom-painted on the van)


Random Notes from Shannon’s Brain

  • The “Hey, You’re Awesome” Award FINALLY goes back to one of the hosts today, and the winner is… Zac!  Okay, he was already on his way to winning when he told Razzle and Kentucky to “put away their dicks”, but he clinched the title when he said that Razzle’s favorite coaster sounded like a big condom because I WAS TOTALLY THINKING THE SAME THING and I laughed for five years.
  • Oh, you ridiculous Californians, there WAS an actual Jaws ride, at Universal Studios Orlando.  It’s gone now, but since the Orlando park doesn’t have a tram tour like the Hollywood one does, it was an actual boat ride like the Jungle Cruise.
  • Can someone with amazing sound-editing skills please take the “what!!” that Zac yells when he and Joshua are talking about Resident Evil and make a death metal song out of it, because I literally thought Dethklok had showed up for a second.
  • Joshua’s story about thinking his son believes his name is “Xbox” is the most wonderful thing I’ve heard in awhile.  Also, I bet there IS a kid out there with the name Xbox.
  • I miss our Canadian puppy.
  • Both Kentucky and Razzle made my inner mom come out during this episode.  Can you drive carefully and maybe NOT mess with the safety restraints on rides, please?  We need you guys around for more podcasts and awesomeness.  *shakes head* KIDS.
  • Disney, give Zac a day as a Jungle Cruise skipper.  He’s Flynn Rider, for eff’s sake.

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Thanks for reading! See you next week!

    One Comment

  1. skorpeoJanuary 29th, 2015 at 8:20 am

    Ok, in the very beginning, after they mention Tyler was not present for the podcast (and how they get to play his theme song anyway), they then have Josh talk about how he is going to release some of the music he’s been working on that is, by Josh’s own admission, very “soundtrack” like…. Tyler! Watch your back, bro!!!!! And if that wasn’t bad enough, Josh and Zac connected to the point that Razzle and Kentucky couldn’t get a word in edgewise for several minutes. Do we need to worry about Tyler’s continued employment…..?

    Which brings me to my next point; even though Zac and Josh hadn’t seen each other for several years, you would never know by they way they connected. It was a beautiful thing, man…. And Josh is so eff’ing witty! There is NO reason why he should have so much spare time! Someone needs to get him in front of a camera STAT!!!! (While the other guys are talking about the manly roller coasters, his favorite is “Splash Mountain…with honey jars” bwahaha!)

    I’ve been on the California Coast road trip Josh was talking about (except I went from San Francisco to San Diego), and it really is breath-taking. Well, breath-taking for me because I was on a motorcycle with a rock wall to my immediate left, and a sheer cliff to my immediate right. Don’t ask me what the scenery was like, I was too afraid to look at anything but the road on oncoming traffic….

    I agree with Shannon, Zac needs to be the skipper on the Jungle Cruise. Maybe Disneyland can auction off a private ride with Zac as the skipper. Dude! I would SO hand over my weekly allowance for that!!!!!

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