A Casual Viewers Guide to Movie Screenings


By Willden Doherty
Movie Screening are a way to see some of the biggest films of the year for free. You can find these passes online through sites like Gofobo or Advanced Movie Screenings. Another way is to find a person outside of the theater who is giving out screening passes. There are usually 2 types of screenings: Regular Advance Screenings and Secret Movie Screenings. Here is the breakdown of each one:

Regular Movie Screenings

-A weeks or couple weeks before film comes out
-Film is already finished
-Used to help promote film by word of mouth
-You can bring cell phones
-You bring your passes and get in line

Secret Movie Screenings

-Months before a film is released
-Film is not fully finished therefore film is being test screened
-Audience completes questionnaire at end
-No recording devices
– You have to fill out an NDA
-You have a smaller chance of getting in because of selection process

Tips for Screenings

-Get in line at least 1 ½-2 hours early
-Bring a book or something else to entertain besides phone
-Grab food on the way to eat while you’re waiting
-Talk with people near you because they can provide insight into their experience with screenings
-If you can’t bring phone with you in theater then leave it in vehicle
-Keep an eye out for people giving other screening tickets
-Go to screening that takes place in a theater near you
-No trailers are shown before movie
-Movie may have an end credit sequence, but if there are more than one chances are you won’t see them.
There is a possibility to attend a premiere screening of a film. It can be through a contest online. Usually you are required to wear formal attire. A cool opportunity to see the movie with those who created it. Premieres are held at popular venues such as the TLC Chinese Theater in Hollywood.
If you love film, screenings are worth checking out. You may not always get in, but the passes are always free. After doing it for a while, you will develop the best knowledge of how the system works and learn a little more about the filmmaking process.

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