666 Park Avenue: What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?


by Ashley Binion

Last episode, Jane continued to investigate her connection to the Drake. Jane and Nona discovered a spiral staircase underneath the dragon mosaic, which Jane ventured down.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

This week’s episode started off thirty-six hours after the previous episode with Henry, Gavin, and Olivia looking for a missing Jane. She later showed up wandering around New York City’s Time Square.

After she was found wandering around, she was taken to a hospital. She was unable to remember anything that happened to her while she was missing. While in the hospital, she overheard nurses discussing another patient that went crazy talking about a spiral staircase. Throughout the episode she continued to have brief flashes of her experience while she was missing, however, unable to remember any monumental detail.

Detective Cooper, who was the main detective from the Halloween episode, became a confidant for Jane during the episode. It was nice to see her interact with him and without receiving the whole “you’re crazy” look.

After it was lights out, she went on a scavenger hunt to find the Julian Waters, who had an experience with the staircase and now resides in the D-Wing of the hospital. She found him and he told her that he instead came up the stairs. She returned later to find that he had written symbols on the wall in his blood and that he had hung himself.  Detective Cooper helped Jane get released and took her back to The Drake. When she got back, Nona took her to see another fellow resident of The Drake that would help her remember.

Also in the episode, Gavin, Olivia and Kandinsky continued to play games with Mr. Shaw. During the last episode, Kandinsky kidnapped him. He tortured Mr. Shaw to find out the location of the mysterious red box, which he stole from Gavin on Halloween. Gavin did some digging and found his motivation for their encounters, that Mr. Shaw’s father knew Gavin. His dad went to pursue his passion, via Gavin, and left his wife and his son, Mr. Shaw.

With that revelation, Mr. Shaw told Gavin that his daughter, who died in a car accident years ago, actually committed suicide. Olivia knew this from a note their daughter left, but never showed it to Gavin, believing it would cause him pain.

Gavin impersonated Mr. Shaw’s father to coax the whereabouts of the red box. He told him that he hid it at a church with a priest. Gavin retrieved the box from the church. I thought it was interesting that the priest said he wasn’t able to enter the church, but somehow he did.

On the love triangle front, Brian continued his affair with Alexis. It was revealed that Louise, Brian’s wife, was not in Miami doing a photo-shoot, but instead checked herself into rehab. Brian attempted to stay away from Alexis, but when he vowed he would he was unable to write.  Apparently, she had been working with Gavin to seduce Brian.

I actually enjoyed the hospital setting, it gave the show a bit more of a creepy factor, which it sometimes lacks. To me it seemed like there was a bit more balance between the storylines this episode. I particularly liked the scene of Gavin in the church. However, I was somewhat disappointed that it was that easy for Gavin to get back to box after so much hype.

What did you think of the latest episode of 666 Park Avenue?

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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