666 Park Avenue: Hypnos


by Ashley Binion

Last week dealt with the fallout of Jane taking her little journey down the spiral staircase.  This week, Whoopi Goldberg guest-starred and the audience found out what happened to Jane. I have to say, this week’s episode was particularly strong and probably one of my favorite in the series thus far.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

“Hypnos” began with Jane meeting with Maris, a resident of The Drake who hadn’t left her apartment in twenty-six years. Nona told her in the last episode to consult with Maris because she could help her unlock memories. Maris told Jane she had a rare form of amnesia and the way to access her memories was to undergo hypnosis.

Throughout a course of a couple hypnosis treatments, Jane began to unlock what happened to her during that time. Apparently she never left the Drake, but instead traveled through time, specifically to October 28, 1927. This, of course, was a few days before Peter killed his wife and released a power, which was seen in “A Crowd of Demons.”

Jane traveled to the time, not as herself, but a babysitter named Libby. It was the birthday of her grandmother, Joslyn, the little girl she had been seeing a few episodes back. She and Joslyn went looking for her doll and saw Peter hide a journal inside a fireplace. As Libby, she helped hide Joslyn from his friends. They were going to kill her in order to summon the great power. Instead, they took Libby and killed her as the sacrifice.

She called detective Cooper, who has been working with Jane on investigating the Drake. He helped her find the fireplace and eventually the book.

Gavin became suspicious of Jane hanging out with Maris and paid her a visit. On Maris’ door frame was the same symbol that the mental patient from last week’s episode wrote on his walls with his own blood. Because she has this symbol on her door frame, Gavin is not able to enter her apartment.

They obviously have a long history and not a good one. He agreed to let her leave the Drake as long as she gave him information on Jane and where the stairs took her. She held up her end of the bargain and he let her leave. Once she was outside, she turned into a flock of birds and flew away.

The other continuing major storyline was the kidnapping of Mr. Shaw and the revelation that Sasha is alive. Olivia and Tony took Mr. Shaw to one of Gavin’s unfinished buildings to try and figure out if her daughter was still alive like Mr. Shaw claimed. He claimed he called her, but she never returned it.

Mr. Shaw told her that she faked her suicide and they teamed up to take down Gavin. Olivia became tired of waiting and called herself and heard Sasha answer the phone.  He eventually told them where they could find her. The trio went to the address to find the apartment cleaned out. Kandinsky, who is still working for Gavin, killed him when he tried to escape.

Gavin continued to help Henry’s career path by setting up an interview with a potential backer. But once he found out that Jane was admitted to a psych ward, he pulled out unless he would be willing to dump her. Henry, angered by this, had his PR lady Laurel dig up some dirt on the potential investor. She found that he evaded thousands of dollars in taxes.

Gavin went to a bar and found his daughter was indeed alive and is Laurel, Henry’s PR agent! I didn’t see that coming.

I really enjoyed this episode and how they connected some loose ends, story-wise. With only a handful of episodes left, it looks like they are attempting to make sure the audience isn’t left hanging.

What did you think of Whoopi Goldberg’s performance? Did you like how they connected the different storylines, especially Laurel/Sasha’s?

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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