666 Park Avenue: Downward Spiral


by Ashley Binion

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

A flashback to 1998 started the episode. Nona, The Drake’s resident kleptomaniac and clairvoyant, was seen as her mom, Melanie, was pregnant with her. Nona’s grandmother, who was seen catatonic in the episode “Hero Complex,” warned Melanie not to return to The Drake while she was still pregnant.  Of course while she was leaving, the elevator began to malfunction and went into labor in the elevator.

Back to present-day, Nona is seen taking care of her grandmother, who momentarily wakes up and tells her granddaughter that she has to keep Jane at The Drake. This seems to be overarching agenda for most of the people in the episode, even though Jane continued to express her desire to leave the apartment building.

In order to keep the young couple at The Drake, Gavin and Olivia convinced Henry to propose to Jane hoping that they would stay as a result.

While ring shopping with Henry, Olivia was approached once again by Mr. Shaw, the man who kidnapped Olivia and stole the mysterious red box on Halloween.  He propositioned her to betray her husband, who she then turn around and told about the encounter. Gavin, having a plan, continued to blackmail Dr. Scott into helping Kandinsky, the assassin Annie made up in her obituary column, escape from the hospital. After he successfully escaped, Gavin gave him the task to find Mr. Shaw and retrieve the red box.

While at a party, Olivia helped her husband by planting a poisonous kiss on Mr. Shaw. On the way to the hospital with Mr. Shaw, Kandinsky–who was driving the ambulance–told Dr. Scott there was a change in plans and that they were actually headed back to the apartment building.

Nona, trying to keep Jane from leaving, connected with her through a vivid dream. She told her that they are both connected to the building as children of The Drake. Jane visited Nona, who then showed her a closet that was filled with newspaper clippings of weird occurrences that happened at the building. Then she showed Jane a picture of herself sitting in The Drake at the age of eight in 1992. This of course freaked Jane out and convinced her she needed to stay to figure out her connection to the building.

Nona’s grandma somehow got out of her wheelchair and warned that Jane had to stay. Nona connected to Jane through one of her vivid dreams. She told her that they are connected to they were connected to the building as children of The Drake.  Nona asked Jane to help her find her grandmother, who once again escaped from her room and made her way down to the basement where they mosaic of the dragon is. While down in the basement, she placed her necklace on the eye of the dragon. It then opened up to reveal a spiral staircase. Jane, the curious person she is, began to climb down the stairs when the opening shut, encasing her inside.

Brian and Alexis appeared in this episode as a peripheral storyline. Still thinking that his wife Louise cheated on him with Dr. Scott, he cheated on her with Alexis. He eventually figured out that Alexis set him up and that Louise really didn’t cheat on him. And, to his surprise Alexis moved into The Drake.

I really enjoyed Jane and Nona’s interaction throughout the episode. Mostly due to the fact, Nona is beginning to be used more and she has a major storyline instead of just being the off-beat teenager in the building.

What do you think Jane will find down the spiral staircase?

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