666 Park Avenue: A Crowd Of Demons


by Ashley Binion

In keeping up with almost every other show to air this past week, it was 666 Park Avenue’s turn to serve up their Halloween themed episode.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

The episode began with a flash back to Halloween of 1929, two days after the stock market crash that lead to the Great Depression. Two mysterious residents of The Drake, one of which was the Smoke Man from the previous episode, entered the elevator and began talking about a ritual they performed. After Peter, the Smoke Man, entered his apartment a little girl was shown. She is the one who has been stalking Jane. One eye began to move independently from the other. He then picked up a hatchet and killed his wife. Before she died she gave her necklace to the little girl that Jane now owns.

Back to present day, Olivia had begun decorating The Drake’s lobby for Halloween and her upcoming party. As she was doing so, Peter appeared.

Henry was seen cashing in on his 15 minutes of fame after saving the Commissioner’s life by being interviewed on TV. After coming off the stage, a media consultant approached him about extending his fame. She later showed up at The Drake’s annual Halloween party, which I thought was a little odd considering she said she was based in Los Angeles and in town on business. And, she, like everyone else, began pressuring Henry about marrying Jane. It seems like every episode this happens and it’s becoming somewhat tired.

Gavin and Olivia were out on the town getting ready for the party. Gavin received a haunting text, “You’re going to pay for everything you’ve done.” A minute later, a car swerved and almost hit Olivia. Gavin put Tony on security duty, but he was proven useless later in the episode.

During the party, Olivia took a couple of her friends up to apartment 5F, where Peter killed his wife, and dared them to enter. While waiting for one of her friends, she was gassed and abducted by a man in a gas mask. The Gas Mask Man then turned off the power in the entire building, causing the party to come to a stand-still. Gas Mask Man called Gavin and told him he had his wife, he also found Gavin’s safe and took a red box, but Tony spotted him. Poor Tony isn’t a security guard so he was no match and was hung. Gavin soon found him, freed him from the noose (don’t worry, he survived) and Olivia was safe and sound on the terrace.

Olivia picked out Henry and Jane’s outfits for the party. Jane’s costume was Tippy Hendren from The Birds, obviously a reference to earlier episode “Murmurations.” Henry was a cowboy, maybe she was going for a heroic costume considering he just saved the Commissioner and cowboys are heroic. While in the elevator, Peter entered. He looked at her necklace and commented. He then proceeded down to the basement and grabbed his hatchet.

While at the party, a drink spilled on Jane’s costume which prompted her to go change. As she was in her apartment she saw Peter’s daughter again and she told Jane he escaped. She then opened the suitcase and found a new article about him killing his wife.

Suddenly, he appeared in the apartment and she ran away. She found a man in the hall and used her phone to call 911, but while doing so he caught up with her and killed the man in the hall. The chase continued for a few minutes. Eventually, Jane called Henry but became cornered in one of the apartments. Peter took the hatchet and took a swing at her but missed and hit the wall. When he hit the wall, the same group of birds from “Murmurations” flew out of the wall, and attacked him. While being questioned after her ordeal, I found it interesting that she said she didn’t see his face when she clearly did.

Brian and Louise were back in this episode. Brian walked in on fellow Drake resident, Dr. Scott, treating Louise for pain in her ribs. Since her accident, Louise began popping pills and faked symptoms in order to get more. Later it was revealed that she used to be addicted to speed and went through rehab to kick the habit. It was nice to have some background information revealed about her.

Before the party Alexis showed up, dressed as a sexy nurse, apologized to Brian about kissing him and returned the key to the apartment. At the party, Louise setup Alexis and Dr. Scott. They began making out and while doing so, she lifted his phone. She then sent a text, through his phone, to Louise’s making it look like they planned a secret rendezvous, making Brian insanely jealous.

In the ending montage, Gavin was seen holding the gas mask, Jane touching the necklace, and The Drake sucking up the man who died in the hall, Peter, and the hatchet.

Who stole Gavin’s box? Will Louise kick her pill popping addiction? More importantly, what is in the box?

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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