666 Park Ave.: Diabolic


by Ashley Binion

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

The cold opening featured the famous scene straight from Psycho. Jane was taking a shower when in walked Peter. But like most of the weird things Jane experiences, it was a dream. She later told Henry that she wanted to leave The Drake.

Gavin met with Sam (I guess he’s in charge of his assets), who told him that on Halloween many of his other properties were hit. We then see the man who stole the box. It turned out that the man was just paid by Mr. Shaw to steal it. He offered to pay him three million with one condition: to not open the box. But of course the thief couldn’t resist, looked inside, and died.

Tony was tasked with the job of finding out who tried to run over Olivia and bring that person to The Drake. It came out that Sam worked for Mr. Shaw, and as a punishment, was sent into an alternate version of the building, where the hallways never ended and there were no exits.

Mr. Shaw approached Olivia at a restaurant, who advised her not trust her husband. She later told Gavin about their conversation, to which he told her about her being kidnapped and the box being stolen. Apparently she knows what is in the box because she instantly became frightened.

Gavin met with Mr. Shaw at a restaurant to give him the ten million he was asking for, which he brought in a gift wrapped box. Instead of the money, Mr. Shaw’s true intentions were revealed: he wants the Drake or else he will open the red box and release the person inside.  Apparently the person in the box was an old obsessed lover of Olivia. Gavin gave him the box that didn’t have money, but Sam’s head.

Since it is the day after the Halloween party, detectives arrived at Jane and Henry’s to get a more in-depth statement. While walking them through her traumatic experience, the detectives began to find major discrepancies within her story and the lack of evidence. One of the detectives became intrigued with the events that happened that night. He understood that things can be explained and told her he would continue to look into it. However, this doesn’t change the fact that she wants to leave The Drake.

Dr. Scott, whom the audience met last episode, was present and began playing a part in Gavin’s plan. Gavin had the doctor draw some blood from Olivia just to make sure the Gas Mask Man didn’t drug her. On his way out, cash-strapped Scott received a $50,000 loan from Gavin, even though he is an emergency room doctor. It turns out that he has been gambling, and losing, on horse races. While he was in the midst of losing his loan, his chest began to bleed. He ran into the bathroom where he saw that $50,000, the amount of the loan, was carved into his chest. Gavin later made a deal with Scott that he had to be on call whenever he needed him.

Major rifts began to appear between the two lovebirds Henry and Jane. First, from the detectives insinuating that Jane might be making her story up. Then by Laurel, the woman who is trying to jumpstart Henry’s political career, by making a pass at him and saying that Jane doesn’t understand city politics.

The last segment of the episode had Gavin using Scott to free Kandinsky from prison, and the red box began making noise.  At the very end of the episode, a big revelation was made—that Jane’s grandmother was Peter’s wife.

I am really enjoying and intrigued by the power struggle between Gavin and Mr. Shaw.

Is Jane slowly going insane like her grandmother? How will feud between Gavin and Mr. Shaw end? And will the detective uncover what is really going on at The Drake?

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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