3D Printing Nerd: Unboxing the gMax 1.5XT+ 3D Printer


By Joel Telling, @joeltelling


The printer I am unboxing here is the gMax 1.5XT+ from gCreate. It’s a MASSIVE desktop printer capable of an astounding 5,376 cubic inches of build volume.


That’s HUGE.


To give you an idea of how big that is, imagine the following. The Xbox One console is roughly 478 cubic inches in size. I can fit 11 Xbox One consoles into the build space of this 3D printer.




Again, that’s HUGE, and a HUGE 3D printer needs a HUGE shipping box and plenty of padding on the inside to keep the printer from being damaged during transit.


In this video, I unbox the printer and review the shipping method of the gCreate company. When purchasing a pre-assembled 3D printer and having it shipped, it’s very important that it is packed well and padded against potential shipping hazards.


Watch the video to see how well the box stood up to being sent across the country!


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