24: Legacy Series Premiere Recap


By: Stephanie Holland

Warning: spoilers ahead!

That relentless beeping that triggers anxiety, panic, and doom is back.

One of Fox’s most popular dramas, 24, returned after the Super Bowl, with, as the tagline says, “a new hero and a new day.”

24: Legacy stars Corey Hawkins as Eric Carter, a former Army Ranger who led the mission to kill infamous terrorist Bin-Khalid. Since coming home, Eric has had difficulty readjusting to everyday life. He is drawn back into the fight when members of his squad begin getting killed. Since they were all given new identities when they returned home, he doesn’t know whom he can trust. The only person he can turn to is former CTU director Rebecca Ingram (Miranda Otto). The day is further complicated by the fact that Rebecca’s husband, Senator John Donovan, is running for President. Donovan is portrayed by the incomparable Jimmy Smits, whose familiar presence instantly makes any story more interesting.

This being 24, there’s also the small matter of a large-scale terrorist attack that must be stopped.

24: Legacy wastes no time welcoming fans back to the show’s signature unapologetic torture and murder. The day opens on a bloody man in a ransacked home being unceremoniously shot in the head.

It doesn’t take long to find out the men behind the assault are chasing Eric and his former teammate Ben Grimes (Charlie Hofheimer).

Before all hell breaks loose, viewers get a glimpse of Eric’s home life with wife Nicole (Anna Diop). He seems bored with his security job and she’s back on the pill, questioning his transition to regular life.

Ben calls Eric for help and despite Ben’s history of paranoia and drug use, Eric somehow believes him instantly jumping into protection mode.

Eric is captured by the terrorists and questioned about a lockbox one of the Rangers stole during the mission. Obviously, Ben, with his myriad of issues, has said box and only Eric can help him.

Thanks to a distraction from Nicole, Eric is able to escape. They head for the only safe place in town, which is with Eric’s drug dealer brother Isaac. Did I mention he’s also Nicole’s ex? Apparently, Eric worked for Isaac until he fell for Nicole, stole her away, and ran off to the Army. Understandably Isaac’s still bitter, though he agrees to keep Nicole safe. Keep an eye on Isaac’s clearly jealous girl Aisha. She’ll definitely be trouble in future hours.

In the B-story, Rebecca is passing the torch at CTU to Keith Mullins, who I instantly distrust because he’s being played by The Flash’s evil Teddy Sears.

In the middle of Rebecca’s last hurrah, Eric calls for help and implores her not to tell Keith since he was one of only four people who knew the Rangers’ new identities. Because it’s not 24 unless there’s a mole in CTU.

Without stopping to think, she gets her favorite analyst in on the secret mission to help Eric. With their help, Eric can track Ben to the train station and find the mysterious lockbox. It contains a digital list of all Bin-Khalid’s sleeper cells in the U.S., who are likely planning a coordinated attack.

Following a fight scene with the terrorists and some giant pipes, Eric realizes Ben has gotten away with the list. Ben plans to sell it back to the government or maybe the bad guys. He’ll probably change his mind about that when he finds out they murdered his mother and sister.

So Eric must save Ben from himself, recover the list, and stop a nationwide terrorist attack. By the way, he gets half the time of Jack Bauer since 24: Legacy runs for 12 episodes, not 24.

Also happening during the day:

There’s a teen love triangle featuring a bad guy’s sister and a teacher. It’s only purpose here was to drive the action to a halt.

Smits wasn’t given much to do in this first hour so it’s hard to get a read on his motivations. Unfortunately for him, 24’s history doesn’t have the best track record for Presidents. Also, never trust a presidential Chief of Staff.

CTU analyst Mariana is Edgar Stiles’ cousin. Nice call back for the show’s loyal fans.

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