24: Legacy Hour Two Review


By: Stephanie Holland

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Long time fans of 24 must be willing to occasionally leave all rational thought behind while watching. Part two of the 24: Legacy premiere really drove this point home with Eric making a series of crazy decisions. Not Jack Bauer “get me a hacksaw” crazy, but still not smart.

When we last left off, Eric’s former squad member Ben had stolen a list of dead terrorist Sheik Bin-Khalid’s sleeper cells and activation codes. Ben has fallen on hard times and feels the government owes him.

Ben wants $2 million for the list so Eric calls Rebecca who of course can’t go through official channels because, say it with me, she doesn’t know who she can trust. Only two hours in and I’ve already found the new 24 drinking game. Anytime someone says, “I don’t know who I can trust,” or any variation of it, take a drink. You’ll be on the floor by first commercial break.

Last we saw Rebecca, she had tasered new CTU director Keith Mullins to keep him from finding out she was helping Eric. After all her accusations come out, it’s discovered that her husband’s campaign manager Nilaa used the codes to view the Rangers’ new identities. So essentially, after all the secret keeping and tasering, she was the leak.

Next stop for Eric to get the money is his drug dealer brother Isaac. He doesn’t have that much cash but he knows where Eric can get it: police lockup.

Without a second thought for any other alternative, Eric kidnaps two cops, straps explosives to them, and is walked into the station. This would be the aforementioned crazy decision-making.

Of course, he’s found out and it’s a cliffhanger when he’s trapped with cops shooting at him.

In other ridiculous decisions, teacher/terrorist Mr. Harris, literally caught with his pants down with Amira, can’t come up with a lie fast enough to placate Drew so he kills him in the messiest way possible by bashing his head into the floor. This man is the worst bad guy in the history of television. If the terrorists’ plans fail, I bet it can be traced back to him.

The one bright spot is that we get to spend more time meeting terrorist leader Jadalla Bin-Khalid, the Sheik’s Oxford-educated son. Though things aren’t going according to plan, he stays the course despite his second-in-command panicking and pulling a gun on him. He calmly states, “I am the living son of Sheik Bin-Khalid and only God decides when I die.” It’s a boss move that instantly shows his men what he’s made of and officially makes him the most interesting person on this show.

At its heart, 24 is a hero’s journey. It doesn’t bode well for the future if Jad is a more intriguing character than Eric.

Hour two moves at a faster pace than hour one and delivers more action, but there was a lot going on all over the place. I hope future episodes keep things more focused and streamlined.

Also happening during the day:

Gerald McRaney shows up as Jimmy Smits’ father and all their scenes are a TV dream team.

Aisha is already selling Isaac out to his rivals. Of course, he was planning to dump her first, so I guess it’s survival of the fittest.

It’s discovered Nilaa once attended a controversial mosque when she was in college. Her story is full of holes, yet John buys it. This being 24, you know that’s coming back around.

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