Gamer Girl Musings: My Top 25 Favorite Horror Games


By Jaime Whittaker (@JaimeW912)

Hello, nerds! Welcome to another edition of Gamer Girl Musings.  In the spirit of Halloween, I am going to cover my top 25 favorite horror games of all time.  That being said, I realized upon making this list that there are a TON of great horror games that I have still not played yet. There may be some that you think are better but these are among the favorite horror games that I have played over the years.  Let it be known that this list is not intended to showcase the SCARIEST games because there are some games on here that are horror themed and are definitely not scary at all. Also, yes I am aware that my list is very Resident Evil and Silent Hill heavy. That is because those franchises hold a special place in my heart.  So let’s get started, in no particular order here they are:

1. Resident Evil: Director’s Cut

I’m gonna start with the game that truly began my love for the survival horror genre. So the dialogue and voice acting is horrible…I know. The graphics aren’t great, but at the time when it was released these graphics were pretty kickass! In Japan this game is known as Biohazard, but they ended up renaming it Resident Evil in America.  This franchise has definitely stuck with me over the years. I love the puzzle solving elements involved, and I fricking love zombies!

2. Silent Hill

This franchise knows how to screw with your mind…it still contains the puzzle solving aspect that I love in classic survival horror games. When you enter the world of Silent Hill you are greeted by some terribly creepy creatures and environments.  When I originally played this game, I once tried playing it by myself with the lights off.  I was so creeped out and disturbed I could not continue playing until I turned the lights back on.

3. Dino Crisis

This game from the creators of Resident Evil puts you in a different world of survival horror.  In this game instead of defending yourself against a hoard of zombies you have to run from carnivorous dinosaurs!

4. The Evil Within

There was a period of time where I hadn’t found any horror games that I truly loved in a very long time.  This game definitely takes it as one of my favorite newer games.  I haven’t gotten around to finishing this game yet but from what I have played it is delightfully disturbing.

5. Until Dawn

If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can read my full review of this game here. This game makes you make choices. Many times these choices can end the lives of the characters in the game.  It messes with you as it learns and adapts to your specific fears.  Play it!

6. Slender: The Arrival

This game……*shudders*….this……..I don’t know what it is about Mr. Slendie but this game makes my heart race and I almost cried once when I played this game…that’s how scared I was. You’ve been warned….

7. The House


This is a free PC game that you can find here. This is a point and click game with a lot of built in jump scares.  I’ll admit there are times in which having to click things multiple times in order to make something happen can get infuriating, but stick with it because this game is quite well done for an independent game.

8. The House 2


This sequel to the aforementioned game is even scarier.  My heart was literally pounding by the time I finished this game.  You have been forewarned…you can play this game free here.

9. Parasite Eve

This game from the creators of Final Fantasy is best described as a horror RPG. I can’t say anything bad about this game.  To this day it still holds up as one of my favorite horror games.  Though it isn’t really a scary game it has some tense moments in it.  The main character Aya Brea is one badass lady!

10. Resident Evil 2

Another great classic RE game.  This game has 2 of my favorite RE characters in it: Leon Kennedy, and my girl CLAIRE REDFIELD! (Gotta show some love for my girl, Claire) The lickers….those things always creeped me out. This game still reigns as one of my favorite horror games of all time.

11. Silent Hill 2

With a new protagonist, this game holds up as a solid sequel to its predecessor.  This game gives us the first appearance of one of my favorite villains: Pyramid Head. Eventually you end up in a creepy hotel…nuff said!

12. Five Nights at Freddy’s

This game is like….Chuck E. Cheese on crack! You have to survive the night shift for five nights…sounds easy right? Not so much… can download this game here.

13. Maniac Mansion


I originally played this LucasFilm game on the NES. This is one of those games that isn’t really what I would consider scary but it has horror elements.  There is always that suspense of trying not to get caught by Ed, or even worse….Edna! I loved this game and trying to play through it with different combinations of characters and trying to get alternate endings.

14. Zombies Ate my Neighbors

Another non-scary horror game. In this SNES game you basically have to go level to level frantically running around trying to rescue your neighbors before they get attacked by zombies and a myriad of other baddies.

15. Nightmare Creatures

I played this game on the N64, though it was also released on the PS1. In this game you basically have to button mash your way through a bunch of nightmarish looking monsters.

16. The Last of Us

This game is so beautiful….I will admit there were moments where I wanted to fall asleep, but there were also moments where I was cringing. The story is captivating, and the look of this game is just….gorgeous (clickers and all!).

17. P.T.

This may be only a demo but it is still one of the scariest games I’ve ever played.  This was supposed to be a teaser for the highly anticipated Silent Hills but……it’s too painful to talk about.

18. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

Yet another great RE game! This time you get to play as one of the main characters from the first game: Jill Valentine. This game had some great scares (STARS!). For real whenever Nemesis showed up….it got real.

19. The House of the Dead: Overkill

I played this Grindhouse style zombie shooter on the Wii. I don’t play many first-person shooters but this one was a lot of fun!

20. Saw the Video Game

It’s not enough that we got 7 movies out of it….we also got a game! Actually there are 2 games if I’m not mistaken but I only played the first one.  I quite enjoyed this game.  Your character is placed into survival situations in which you must make choices sometimes.  Even though you know you’re not really cutting off your finger, you still feel for your character as you are playing and encountering these different survival situations.

21. Obscure

This game is an investigative teen horror game in which you can play as all of the characters but if one of them dies, you can’t bring them back. So you have to try and survive this high school horror fest without letting your character die or else you will have very limited backup in the end!

22. Silent Hill 3

Another masterful installment in this creepy series. This time you play as a young woman who has a pretty interesting backstory…

23. Resident Evil Remake

Okay….I know what you’re thinking: Really, Jaime? Yet ANOTHER RE game? And the answer is…yes. I realize this is a remake of the original RE game, so why would I count this as a separate game? Because although they stuck pretty true to the original in most aspects, they did amp it up and make some minor tweaks in the layout of the mansion. I believe they probably did this to keep it fresh so players wouldn’t feel like they were just playing a prettier version of the original.

24. Lollipop Chainsaw

What can I say? I loved this silly arcade style zombie game. The voice of the main character, Juliet, is performed by none other than my favorite VA Tara Strong (Harley Quinn, Twilight Sparkle, Riku, Bubbles….I could go on). There’s gore and adult language galore and you get to play dress-up!

25. Resident Evil: Code Veronica

Of course I’m going to end this list with another RE game, another starring Claire Redfield. This was the last RE game that I had played up until recently that remained in the style I was used to for the RE series. So many people rave about RE4 and I just…..I can’t. It’s not the same. Sorrynotsorry.

Are you still with me? Great! Thanks for sticking around. I hope that perhaps I introduced you to some games you may not have played before.  What are your horror game suggestions? Please share, I’m always looking for new horror games to play! Have a Happy Halloween, nerds.

And as always, stay nerdy!


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