Minions Review


By Justin Jasso (@jjasso007)

When we are young, we all have high hopes and dreams. Some people want to fly to the moon, others want to go on Indiana Jones-type adventures, and others want to be kings and queens or the CEO of their own company with a glass roomed office on the 100th floor of a building overlooking the world. Some just want to eat lots of cheesecake every day for the rest of their lives. Then there are people who want to follow, and work for, the biggest, baddest mofo the world has to offer. Mind you, this population is the minority and consists of little, jaundiced children-like people with goggles… you probably know them better as Minions. And we all know these Minions work for criminal mastermind named Gru. But what you don’t know is how they came to be. Directors Kyle Balda and Pierre Coffin bring us that story with a prequel to the Despicable Me series, Minions.

The Minions started out as small, single-celled life forms, following larger and larger predators until they moved from the ocean to the land. There they continued to follow the vilest of villains, only moving on when their recent master has an ill-timed, yet hilarious, death. After finding safety in a polar ice cave, they survive, but with no master to follow, and they slowly whittle away. That is, until Kevin decides he’s going to venture out and find them a new master to follow. Along come ukulele-wielding Stuart and the overeager Bob. Their journey takes them to New York, where they learn about Villain Con and the world’s (current) leading baddie, Scarlett Overkill (Sandra Bullock). The Minions’ goal: to serve Scarlett. But will the Minions be able to live up to the high standards that Scarlett has set or will they fail and possibly lose their will to live? It’s up to Kevin, Stuart, and Bob to save the existence of the minions!


The film starts off on a high note, showing the evolution of the minions, and then, unfortunately, it’s downhill from there. While the minions are hilarious and adorable all at the same time, you also can’t understand 80% of the words they say. But when you can understand the Spanish or French or Chinese, then its well worth it. Or even when they speak in English (banana?) – totally worth it! But we aren’t there to hear dialogue, we’re there to see the minions have adventures. The problem with that is, the story becomes convoluted along the way with far too much going on for its own good. This tends to bog what could be continuous hilarity down to a crawl at times. Then there’s the fact that we have almost two separate stories going on: one with Kevin, Bob, and Stuart looking for a new leader and the other with the rest of the minions back in their frozen cave and eventual departure to meet up with their friends. And, at this point, you’re probably thinking, “He hasn’t said anything really GOOD about the film yet…” Despite all the negatives, the minions are still there and, like I said, they are still hilarious and adorable and full of personality and a lot of fun.

I would be a terrible critic, writer, lover of movies, and fan of Minions if I did not give much needed respect to director Pierre Coffin. “Why just Pierre?” you ask? Well, Pierre happens to voice ALL of the minions also. Without him, those hilarious, high-pitched, multiple language-speaking, zany jaundiced children would not be as hugely popular as they are. He’s like the Andy Serkis of animated voice actors, as far as I’m concerned, with what he’s done with the minions. One man has created such a following of these little, yellow pill-shaped, goggle wearing critters, that it spawned them their own movie! Gru aside, and the three girls Margo, Edith, and Agnes, people want to see the minions. So, Mr. Coffin – kind of morbid last name btw – much respect and kudos go out to you, sir. As for the other voice actors, Joe Hamm is hilarious as Herb, the love interest to Scarlett Overkill, and Sandra Bullock is more or less a one-note, bordering on bipolar, character. But the character plays, so it works out.


Going to watch the Minions, you really don’t know what to expect. But, whatever expectations you do have, they’ll be met to some degree. Will kids enjoy the film? Definitely. Will bigger kids, and by bigger kids I mean adults, enjoy the film? Yes they will. Is the film any type of epic? Nope. But there is still plenty of fun to be had and laughs to be shared and bananas to eat. Will Minions be uber successful? Most definitely.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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