The Seven Deadly Sins Review


By Justin Jasso (@jjasso007)

It seems every year or so, there’s an epic anime released that not only entertains, but also leaves you with a bad case of the “feels” – from laughter and joy to heartache and sadness. It is one of those stories that you talk about with other anime friends and discuss the deepest plot points and future of the memorable characters. A couple years ago it was Sword Art Online, and after that it was Attack on Titan. One of the more recent ones is arguably Akame ga Kill. The most recent addition to this list may be the latest from A-1 Picture, Nanatsu no Tazai, or The Seven Deadly Sins.

Some years ago, in the kingdom of Liones, a group of warriors called The Seven Deadly Sins (Sins for short) protected the kingdom as a part of a larger group of Holy Knights. However, the Sins were branded as villains, reportedly trying to overthrow the kingdom and were eradicated, though some disagree. Flash forward ten years and the Holy Knights have assassinated the King and taken control of Liones. Elizabeth, the king’s third daughter, believes the Sins are still alive, and sets out on her own in an effort to find them and petition them to assist her with taking her father’s kingdom back and restore the Sins to their rightful place as guardians of the kingdom.


The Seven Deadly Sins has all the makings of a world class anime. The story may have been heard before – young girl sets out to find help to protect her family/save the town type of thing – but, when done properly, the story can still feel fresh and new, as it is here. With such a diverse group of characters, and the way in which the story continuously evolves, never leaving a dull moment, we are always moving towards a greater end game with each minute of the 24 episode series. Artistically, the art is a little different from the standard anime norm, but it absolutely works here. Some characters have sharper, more defined features, while others appear a little softer and more rounded. Each style fits the character’s persona perfectly and each character juxtaposes the others they encounter. The backgrounds are alive and vibrant and the action sequences are a joy to watch. But no story reaches such heights without quality characters.

Young Elizabeth is the would-be heroine of the kingdom. Taking the step to set out on her own is bold, and though she is limited (and by limited I mean no offensive capabilities), she is always willing to step forward if it means accomplishing what she has set out to do. She first meets a tavern owner, Meliodas, a man in what appears to be a child’s body, as well as his talking pig, Hawk the “Great Leftovers Knight.” It turns out that Meliodas was actually the leader of the Sins (known as the Sin of Wrath), and it’s hard to imagine him ever being some evil being that would try to over throw a kingdom upon first meeting him. As the story progresses, we meet other characters, and some former members of the Sins, like the giant Diane (the Sin of Envy) and Ban (the Sin of Greed), the man who cannot be killed. Each comes with their own personality, their own personal demons, and their own motives, whether it be current situation or on a broader spectrum. But it is the interaction between each character, the bonds they have, the relationships they share and sacrifices they make which adds so much more to the series.


The Seven Deadly Sins draws your attention from the go and holds onto it like a knight to his sword. There is just so much to like in this series that a review really doing it justice would be too long to put here. Maybe a video blog? If you like great stories, fully fleshed-out characters, great relationships, laughing, crying, action, and some adult humor, then you will be more than pleased with The Seven Deadly Sins. If you’re a human who eats food and enjoys breathing, then you’ll enjoy The Seven Deadly Sins. Now head on over to Hulu or Crunchyroll and you can watch it for free. You can thank me later.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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