12 Monkeys: Resurrection Review


By: Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)


“There are many endings. Today is one of them.”


During 12 Monkeys’ latest episode “Resurrection,” there were indeed two endings and at least one beginning.


Warning: Spoilers ahead.


Goodness, “Resurrection” was perfect on so many levels. If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought this episode was the season finale. There were twists, deaths, questions answered, and meaningful character interactions.


For a few episodes now, tension has been mounting between Team Time Travel. Ever since Sam’s “death” and Cassandra’s “possession” by The Witness, Ramse and the doctor have been on a mission to destroy The Witness. This was the episode where everything came crashing down on Team Time Travel and it was glorious to watch.


These characters are not the same ones we met at the beginning of the season, let alone the beginning of the series. They have all changed. Circumstances have led to each main character being beaten down. As a result, they are in the process of transforming both emotionally and morally. Because of these transformations, their motives for their actions have changed, creating conflict. On 12 Monkeys, nothing is black and white anymore. It’s shades of grey. This is what every show should strive for: creating complex and transformative characters.


12 Monkeys 1
There were so many great emotional moments in the episode, but I want to touch on few of them. First, the confrontation scene between Ramse and Cole was fantastic. When Cole told Ramse he thought they were family was so emotionally satisfying. They are family and you can tell it’s killing them to be on opposite sides. Next, the scene where Dr. Jones said goodbye to Hannah was such a full circle moment. Dr. Jones lost Hannah and now Hannah is the one losing her mother. It was heartbreaking. Watching Dr. Jones thank Cole for still believing in her was such a rare moment of emotional vulnerability between the two of them. It was terrific. Finally, the moment in the car between Ramse and Cassandra was pure perfection. The looks exchanged while the camera moved back and forth between the two faces said more than words could ever say.


Deacon, who has been criminally underused, was actually integrated into the plot this week. Not in the best possible way, but at least he was crucial for Cole’s plan to work. Instead of Cassandra returning to time travel, it would’ve been fun to see Deacon be Cole’s time travel buddy. For the most part he has been stuck on the sidelines, apparently pining over Cassandra.


12 Monkeys 2


What made his character so quirky and exciting was that he was a non-apologetic villain. He had an edge about him. The leader of the West 7 was a certifiable sociopath. In this episode, he even reinforced that by stating that he had sociopathic tendencies. Sure, he was drinking nude during that scene, but he still said it. I don’t know whether it was on accident or it was a choice the writers made but the character has lost his edge.


The two Jennifers scene was absolutely brilliant. Ever since seeing The Word of The Witness, the audience, as well as Jennifer, have known the date of her death, so we all knew it was happening soon. It was sad to watch how much regret Old Jennifer had about not going to Titan. The conversation had such a large effect on Jennifer that she changed her trajectory by taking The Daughters to Titan. It’s sad to see Old Jennifer go, but who knows what will change if Cole and Cassie are successful. I love that the writers brought back the possible paradox problem of two objects occupying the same space. I’ve written this before, but the 12 Monkeys writers excel at the little things.


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