12 Monkeys: Night Room Review


By: Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)

In theory “Night Room” should have been an off the wall and crazy episode. But, it fell short of its potential.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

It takes guts to solve one of the series underlying mysteries so early in its run. The previous episode left off right as Cassandra was telling Cole she found the Night Room. Surprisingly she actually did find the secret lab and according to Jennifer “the origin” was in that very lab.

Cole’s reaction to being so close to “the origin” was curios. At first it almost looked as if he was splintering, but he didn’t immediately. Instead it took minutes. From what we know, splintering doesn’t take that long. He would shows signs of splintering and he would be gone within seconds. This makes me think that Cole might be “the origin.” When proximity is too close there is danger of him disappearing because only one can occupy the same space, so the sickness and nosebleed he was having while in the night room, so close to “the origin,” could’ve been him suffering side effects from proximity to himself as “the origin.”

It was only a matter of time before Cole’s dirty little secrets would come out, but who knew they would come out this quickly and all at the same time. Cassandra didn’t respond to well to learning the time traveler killed Henri. You can’t really blame her. For years she thought he was a victim of a random attack. There was so much potential conflict but it wasn’t capitalized on. Maybe she understood the logic behind the murder.

On the other hand Jennifer seemed absolutely thrilled that he killed her dad. She has an odd fascination with Cole considering he only met her once in the mental hospital. It could be possible that she’s met him before, but like almost everything else that’s happened he’s experiencing time out of order. And, once again Jennifer was a huge highlight in the episode. I wish there was more of her.

At this point in the series the storyline in 2043 is much more engaging than the one happening in 2015. It’s almost as if it’s two shows airing at the same time. Of course, the mystery of the Army of the 12 Monkeys crosses over into the future timeline, but there is little emotional attachment to the series’ larger storyline.

During the pilot, the two main characters Cole and Cassandra had a good chemistry and their characters looked promising, but as of this moment they are the least engaging characters, especially Cole. For a main character there is little known about him, making him one dimensional and flat. Sadly characters on the periphery like Ramse and Jones are far more interesting.

“Night Room” was a standout episode for Jones. She let loose a little and more was revealed about her character, like she was married, maybe had a daughter named Hannah, and sent multiple people as time travelers before Cole. Hopefully there will be either a flashback to a young Jones’ or Cole travels back to when she was younger.

Ramse plays an outstanding foil to Jones’ morally ambiguous doctor, as he’s the moral center for the 2043 scenes. Even though they are in this horrible and dire situation Jones is willing to push boundaries. Ramse is still a person who will acknowledge that there are lines being crossed and has a hard time accepting it.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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