12 Monkeys: Divine Move Review


By: Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)

It was hard for 12 Monkeys to come close to the epicness of “Tomorrow,” the best episode the series ever produced. However, “Divine Move” was a solid follow up episode to “Tomorrow.”

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

“Divine Move” felt a lot like a penultimate episode of a season in the fact that it set up a ton of different storylines that are vital for the last three episodes of the season. In another sense it felt like a mid-season episode that was there to fill time. It’s an episode that bridges the gap between two large plot arcs, albeit a solid one.

This episode was mainly dedicated to watching Ramse going completely off the rails while exploring the theme of protecting the ones you love. I’ve always thought his character had potential, but I never thought this would happen. It was a great twist. Up until this point there hasn’t been a full fledge villain or antagonist to Cole, Cassandra, and Aaron’s protagonist. Yes, the Pallid Man has popped up here and there but he hasn’t been onscreen consistently enough and he’s just a puppet of the Army of the 12 Monkeys. Though, his calling card did make a nice appearance in the episode. It will be fun to see someone who Cole’s been so close to turn against him and be the antagonist of the story.

More than ever, it’s possible that Ramse is The Witness. He’s a man who wants his son to exist. The problem with this is that he’s sealing the fate of billions of people just to save one. Not only that he’s abandoning his son, essentially making him an orphan, in order to insure his existence in the future. Instead, he could’ve spent what time they both have left happily together. This way Ramse has no time to spend with his child. He’s the one who will more than likely be the one to let the virus out and will continue to try and damper Cole’s mission. With Ramse traveling to the future, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out if he is somehow related to Cole.

Whitney needs more screen time. The soldier’s been a character that’s been shown to be a standup guy who will sacrifice anything to serve Jones’ mission. He lost his father to this cause and now he killed his fellow soldier in order to make things right.

The death of Cole’s ex, Max, was not a huge surprise. She was a periphery character who would’ve benefited from a series with a season that has a larger episode order. Since her introduction she has been underdeveloped and just there to give Cole and Ramse backstory, so her loss was not a huge one.

Jennifer Goines is still one of the greatest things on the series. She continues to pop up in the most unconventional ways. If anyone could survive a plague and start her own little gang it would be her. In her old age she continues her ramblings, surprisingly almost to the point of coherence. One of the more intriguing things she said was “undo what I’ve done, you’ve done, what Cole’s done.” She clearly knows Ramse. Jennifer even gave him back his necklace and called him a good friend, well not yet anyway. This is possible considering she could’ve seen him while growing up. If he takes up with Leyland Goines in the 1980s to set the virus out, he easily could’ve been in her orbit.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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