12 Monkeys: Blood Washed Away Review


By: Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)

“Blood Washed Away” was a solid episode of 12 Monkeys’ sophomore season. But for a season’s penultimate episode, it was actually quite subdued. Of course, in classic 12 Monkeys fashion, though, the last couple minutes were completely bananas.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

They all can’t be dead right? I don’t believe the series would kill off 90% of its cast over two episodes. That would just be completely insane. Right? But, if any show would kill off almost their entire cast, it would be 12 Monkeys. They don’t live by any rules. Except the ones they create. That’s why this series is so exciting to watch: it’s unpredictable. Somehow I believe Cole and Cassie will save the day in 1959. That’s what they’ve been trying to do since the pilot and now would be a good time to start getting some things right.

In contrast to the previous episode, “Blood Washed Away” was a quiet episode. There were so many twists and turns and shocking moments in “Resurrection” that it felt like a season finale. Should it have been? Maybe. That’s something that will become clearer after the season finishes.

Looking back at the episode as a whole, it felt very mechanical and almost procedural-like. The Daughters and Ramse were looking for Titan and the Witness, while Cole and Cassandra were trying to stop the 1957 paradox. Both missions failed. Surprise!

It’s not uncommon for 12 Monkeys to have its characters delve into a mission for an episode. More often than not, that’s what the series does in every episode. It’s actually an outlier if an episode doesn’t contain some sort of mission to stop the plague. But, for some reason, this episode lacked urgency.

The audience spent only a small fraction of the episode’s runtime with 2045 Team Time Travel. Instead, the majority of the time was spent with Cassandra and Cole in 1957. This was a mistake. Seeing the landscape of 2045 would have been fun and expanded the world. There has been little world building of 2045 and Ramse and the Daughters’ road trip would have been the perfect opportunity for the series to expand on their world.

Not only that, there were three time jumps within Cassandra and Cole’s plot. That’s too many. When done correctly, time jumps are the perfect way to move the overall story forward. For some reason, 12 Monkeys hasn’t perfected the narrative time jump. Ironic, isn’t it? Also, it felt like the writers had too many ideas for the Time Traveling Duo’s stay in the 1950s so they just jammed all of them in. As a result, it felt forced.

It was an interesting choice to create a montage of Cole and Cassandra finally getting together while Ramse, Deacon, Whitley, and Hannah were being killed in 2045. The series is so good that the final montage has to mean something. I’m going to guess that whatever it does mean, it’s not good.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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