11 Film and TV Coffee Shops You Can Visit for Real [Infographic]


By: Haylee Fisher (@haylee_fisher)

Coffee seems to be the lifeblood that makes our world go ’round. And coffee shops offer a warm and inviting place to relax and open up to a friend, or, if you’re lucky, a date. In movies and TV, the coffee shop often serves as and integral and iconic place that drives the plot and moves the characters. Whether it’s fancy and French like Café des Deux Moulins as seen in Amelie, or the casual Twede’s Café from Twin Peaks, a lot of coffee shops jump off the screen and entice viewers to visit. Luckily, NeoMam Studios and Darwin Escapes have teamed up to create an infographic mapping out just where a few of these famous coffee shops reside.

What is your favorite pop culture coffee shop?


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